Moderation policy

We take a proactive approach to Website content moderation. While contributions, commentary and discussions are both welcomed and invited, we will moderate contributions, commentary, discussions and any other content or information that is provided by you to the Website after it has been published on the Website.

You can help us to moderate contributions, commentary and discussions by ensuring that they are respectful to the legacy that is Discovering Anzacs.

To moderate your contribution to the Website, we will use the following guidelines:

  1. Any contribution that contains language or imagery that is considered to be defamatory, abusive, obscene or offensive by us will be removed by us without any warning or notice to you.
  2. Any contribution such as an image, writing or other type of work that in our opinion, infringes copyright or a moral right in that work of any person, will be removed by us without any warning or notice to you.
  3. Any contribution that in our opinion imitates or impersonates a person, or misrepresents the identity of a person or an affiliation with a person will be removed.
  4. No advertising or references to advertising is permitted on the Website and will be removed by us.
  5. The Website is not to be used for the purpose of contesting Australian government policy and any contribution which in our opinion is considered to do this, will be removed by us.
  6. If your contribution contains an 'abbreviated' term, we may include the details of what that abbreviated term represents where you have not supplied an explanation.
  7. We may correct a typographical, punctuation or syntax error which in our opinion is contained in your contribution and include or remove additional letters or words to any contribution.
  8. Links to external pages supplied by you will not be moderated by us. However, if we determine that a link to particular content breaches these terms and conditions for use of the Website, we reserve the right to remove the link to the external page and notify you of the steps that we have taken.

If you suspect that someone has breached the terms and condition for use of this Website, including our moderation policy, please use the 'Contact us' or 'Report' function to tell us about it. Any reports provided to us will be maintained in accordance with our privacy policy which is available at