• Officers And Non-Coms of the Third Battalion

Last week we published a photograph, taken at Tel-el-Kebir, showing another group of Australian soldiers in front of this flag. We have since learned that an interesting story attaches to the Union Jack. The flag was presented by the late Lord Roberts to Armourer-Corporal Edward J. Fergusson (son of Mr. A. S. Fergusson, of Willoughby-road, Crow's Nest, Sydney), who was captain of the Australian Cadet Empire Rifle Team in 1909-10. He took it to the front with the First Brigade (1st Battalion). Some time after the landing on Gallipoli he was reported missing; but quite recently this report was contradicted, and Corporal Fergusson is now officially reported to have been killed in action on May 2nd. A portrait of the deceased armourer-corporal is here inset above the flag. Sydney Mail Wednesday March 22, 1916.