• Australians at Gozo (Malta)

The seated soldier is Signaller W. Robson, of Granville, N.S.W., who went to the front with the Eighth Reinforcements of the 1st Battalion in August last, and after five weeks in the trenches contracted double pleurisy. He was eventually sent to Gozo, a small island of the Maltese group, where a convalescent, camp was established to relieve the congestion caused in Malta, by the sick and wounded from Gallipoli. On this island is Fort Chambray, a seventeenth century stronghold, with modern barrack rooms, regimental institutes, hospital, chapel, stores etc, which in peace time accommodate a detachment, of the Malta Garrison for a few weeks every summer, but which had remained unoccupied since the commencement of war. A little newspaper having been decided upon, with the title “Fort Chambray Gazette,” Signaller Robson accepted the editorship. It is a very interesting little sheet. The sporting editor is Private Walter Laidlaw, of Melbourne, who is also seen in the photograph. Sydney Mail, Wednesday 26 April, 1916.