• The Men Who Played Farewell to Anzac

Members of the Fourth Brigade, which played farewell selections at Anzac immediately prior to the beginning of the evacuation, which occupied over five successive nights. Below we give the names of those in the group. In forwarding the photograph of the 4th Brigade Band to the ''Mail" one of the members writes: - We left the Peninsula on December 13th, and at a point 300 yards behind our firing line we played a small programme of music before finally leaving for Walker's Pier, where we embarked for Lemnos Island. All the boys in the group did not play on the Peninsula, some joining us when we got back to Egypt. We are only a small band, but we are all that are left of the four battalion bands of the brigade that left Egypt for Gallipoli at the time of the first landing - numbering over 100 men - the others having been either killed, wounded, or invalided to England or elsewhere. Under the circumstances we consider ourselves lucky to have a band at all. The names of the men in the group are given below, those who played on the Peninsula being marked by an asterisk: - Back Row (Left to Right: S. Elliott (13th Batt.), *H. Storr (15th), H. Boag (15th), *A. Code (14th), W. Watts (16th), *A. Turnbull (13th), Penton (13th), W. C. L. Roberts (15th), *W. Henshall (14th), Leo. V. Syfleet (13th), R. Bruce (13th), *H. Lee (14th), E. Ohalon (15th), *C. Sneeby (13th), *F. Townsend (16th), *E. McMahon (16th), W. Maggs (14th). Front Row: *V. Peason (13th). *Sergt.- Major A. G. Harris, with baton (14th), J. Pullbrook (14th), W. Reid (16th). Three others played on Gallipoli, but they were away sick when the photograph was taken. Their names are J. Dow, C. Collopy, J. A. Sheean. Sydney Mail Wednesday 26 April, 1916.