• What Our Boys At The Front Say – Rexona At The Front

Group Photograph Rexo Aerodrome Camp, Heliopolis Egypt. Rexona Proprietary Company, Sydney, N.S.W. Dear Sirs, We, the undersigned, have been using your Rexona in camp, and never a day passes that some of us do not find recourse to the tin of Rexona. In training we meet with many many minor injuries, chafing, sunburn, etc, for which an ointment of this kind is constantly needed. Our mates are forever wanting to borrow some of our Rexona, and you be pleased if you heard some of the good things they say about it. As our supply is about exhausted, please send six (6) large tins by first mail. Postal note for £1, which includes postage, enclosed. Wishing good luck to Rexona. We are, Sincerely yours, 4349 Sergt W. Schneider 4341 Sgt. John Day (13th Rein., 3rd Batt.) 4358 Cpl. T. Bourne (13th Rein., 3rd Batt.) 4366 L.-Cpl. G. A. McIlveen 4359 Pte. G. A. Cutbush