• Sixth Reinforcements R.A.A. Siege Artillery Brigade.

Back Row (Reading from Left to Right). - Gunners M. Ray (Vic.), E. J. Law (N.S.W.), A. H. V. Kavanagh (Q.), A. Robinson (W.A.), R. J. R. Hurst (W.A.), H. Sheridan (N.S.W.), G. L. Gordon (Tas.), L. H. Green (N.S.W.), S. Bethune (N.S.W.), E. Douglas (S.A.), H. Bennett (Vic.). Middle Row. - Gunners J. F. Byrne (Q.), S. Morrison (N.S.W.), W. Fenton (Vic.),W. Nimmo (Q.), Corpl. W. G. L.Mason (N.S.W.), Gunners F. V. Green (N.S.W.), J. Clancy (Vic.), R. H. Parkes (Tas.), D. McLeod (Vic.). Front Row. - Gunners S. R. Renn (NSW.), C. Dickins (Vic.), T. E. Garry (Vic.), D. McRae (Vic.), N. H. Simmons (Vic.), W. J. Jenkins (N.S.W.), J. T. Dalzell (N.S.W.). A Melbourne "Herald" correspondent, describing a visit to the Siege Brigade at Havre just before it proceeded to the front, says - I found the boys jumping with vitality, delighted with their fortune, and grimly determined to win in France the laurels which crowned them in Gallipoli by universal acclaim. Sydney Mail Wednesday 24 May, 1916.