• The Nicholl Brothers

Private J. W. Nicholl’s wife lives at Newtown; his two brothers belong to Tamworth. Sydney Mail Wednesday 3 January, 1917. John William Nicholl, 53rd Australian Infantry Battalion (killed in action 19 July, 1916), Arthur Richard Nicholl, 1st Australian Light Horse Regiment, (died of wounds 22 January, 1917), and Percy Nicholl, 6th Australian Light Horse Regiment.
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    The Nicholl Brothers (II) 1. John William Nicholl - (3587 & 3587A) 2. Arthur Richard Nicholl – (954) 3. Percy Nicholl – (1562) 4. William Albert Nicholl – (59799) William Nicholl (jnr) and Sarah Jane Nicholl had 13 children. In 1918 the youngest surviving sibling was William Albert Nicholl, he enlisted on 14th May 1918 at Tamworth NSW joining a “March to Freedom” (Armidale 4/5/1918; Tamworth 14/5/1918; Newcastle 6/6/1918; Sydney 8/6/1918). He was delayed in Western Australia whilst they awaited naval escorts, however subsequently fell ill at sea after departing Australia. He was admitted to hospital in Capetown South Africa, from where he returned to Australia at armistice. In Australia he again returned to hospital in the Tamworth district where he met nurse Gertrude Lock, who was to become his wife. Brothers to nurse Gertrude Lock were Daniel lock (jnr) – (192 KIA Gallipoli) and Joseph Lock – (4539). Cousins to the Nicholl brothers are; Roy Leslie Channing Braby – (114, mother Rachel (nee Nicholl)) Edward Bliss Jolly (jnr) – (453, mother Ester Mary (nee Nicholl))