• Fighting Cousins - The Sheridans and the Poidevins

The Sheridans and Poidevins, whose portraits are reproduced here, are all cousins. They truly represent the fighting spirit that courses through the blood of so many Australian families, and stand out as a striking example to those who have not yet realised in which direction the path of duty lies. Many of our families have enlisted to a man, some of them including the father and four, five or even six sons; but there are yet some families of fine physical stamina who have not sent a solitary member to represent them in the fight for honour, for liberty, for civilisation. They are still unmoved by the pleading appeals of the men in the trenches, still deaf to the persistent call of duty, still failing to realise the seriousness of the situation, still content to let other men fight their battles. These men are needed — needed now— to help crush the powerful foe that still stands menacingly in the fair fields he has invaded and ravished in France, Belgium, Poland, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro. The call is for men! Sydney Mail Wednesday 31 January, 1917. Percy James Poidevin (killed in action 9 November 1917) - 7th Australian Light Horse Regiment. Stanley Henderson Sheridan (killed in action 28 June 1915) - 5th Australian Light Horse Regiment. Harry Roy Sheridan - 36th Heavy Artillery Brigade. Harold Alexander Sheridan - 4th Australian Machine Gun Battalion. William Henry Sheridan (killed in action 8 August 1918) - 35th Australian Infantry Battalion. John Rawdon Sheridan - 12th Australian Field Artillery Brigade. Henry Leslie Poidevin - 55th Australian Infantry Battalion. Harry Heaslip Sheridan (died of illness 29 April 1917) - 12th Australian Field Artillery Brigade. Ernest Ewing Sheridan - 35th Australian Infantry Battalion. Fred Parker Sheridan - 55th Australian Infantry Battalion.