• Cyclists Wanted Behind The Lines In France

Prominent Cyclists who are going to France with the Corps now being organised. Roy Kippen Lewis - 34th Australian Infantry Battalion. George James Horder - 3rd Australian Pioneer Battalion. Horatio Murdoch MacKay - 1st Cyclists Battalion. A. E. Powell. Cyclists are urgently wanted for work behind the lines in France. An appeal has gone out for 60 to go into camp immediately and for other quotas to follow. As a result of this appeal several prominent wheelmen have come forward including those whose portraits are published at the top of this page. “If it good enough for us”, said one of them, when enrolling, “it is up to hundreds of others to follow our example.” Under present conditions of warfare there is no work for cyclists in the firing line, so that their duties of the men will be confined to night patrol work and despatch carrying behind the lines. Cyclists who are prepared to volunteer should fill in the this form and forward it to H. M. Mackay, Hon. Secretary of the League of N.S.W. Wheelmen, c/o. State Recruiting Committee, Commonwealth Bank Building, Pitt Street, Sydney, in whose hands the recruiting authorities have placed the matter. Arrangements will be made for the transit to Sydney, where the Cyclist Corps will be stationed prior to departure to England. The pay will be on the same basis as for infantry, and bicycles will be supplied by the military. It is expected that the first sixty men will leave Sydney in about a months time. Sydney Mail Wednesday 28 February, 1917.