LEWIS GORDON BLACKMORE THE BATTLE OF POZIERES 1916 7TH Child of Edward Gordon Blackmore and Eleanora Elizabeth Blackmore (Nee Farr) Born Adelaide SA 21st may 1886 - Killed in action 23rd July, 1916 at Pozieres, France From the excerpts below all young men have hopes and dreams that in this instance were cut short but have given us the freedom do live our own lives without much thought for the alternative Lewis’ letters to brother John Coleridge Blackmore (my Grandfather) June 24th “As the Russians are doing so well and the Hun appear to have failed at Verdun I may be coming home earlier than I thought, of course not this year, and I can assure you I hope to return to the life on the land. We have had a fair amount of wet weather of late; it is wonderful how we escape colds. I really think we are getting immune to the ills of the flesh….” June 29th “How is land selling now? I have great ideas of sneaking out near the Warrumbungle Mts and buying a place if we can raise the wind….” July 17th “Well old sport, we shall be busy now so letters may be a bit irregular, but shall drop you a line at every opportunity.” Then in a letter from Eric Shelly – “We moved up on the village of Pozieres on the night of July 19th and it was well into the morning of the 20th by the time we had taken over from the Tommies. Lew’s battalion were in the front. All that day, the next and the next, we lay quiet letting the artillery do its work. The attack was timed for 12.30am on the night of the 22nd-23rd July. Two minutes prior to that time we started a violent artillery bombardment, then over our men went to the German first line and took it. For 30 minutes there raged another artillery bombardment our guns having lifted their range to the German 2nd line, then a signal and over we went again. As close as I can gather this is where poor old Lew went down. The boy knew no pain thank God, a machine gun bullet got him in the forehead and he died instantly. I saw him a few hours previously and he went into it laughing and joking and full of hope and the surety he was coming out as well as he went in” From Informant Cadet Pte Thos. 3261 “On Sunday, 23rd July I saw above-named killed, struck by a machine gun bullet. We were attacking Pozieres about 1 am. I saw that Blackmore was dead. An Australian, short, thick-set, dark, clean shaven, about twenty three” From Service Records:- “Buried just to the right of the right communication trench leading to Old German No 1 Trench near Pozieres.” “(No Grave No, No cemetery and no clergyman. He was buried in the heat of the action)”