AUSTRALIAN ARMY NURSING SERVICE (AANS): *BICKNELL, Louisa Annie – died from a Septic Infection 25/6/1915 at the 1st Australian General Hospital, Heliopolis, Egypt *CLARE, Emily Carol – died from Pneumonia 17/10/1918 at the 34th General Hospital, Deolali, India *DICKINSON, Ruby – died from Pneumonia 23/6/1918 at Southwell Gardens, London, England *EGAN, Annie (Home Service) – died of Pneumonia 3/12/1918 at the Sydney Quarantine Station *GOODMAN, Pearl Stella – died from Pulmonary TB 6/3/1919 at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, NSW *GREWAR, Gertrude Agnes – died from Brain Paralysis 24/5/1921 at Cope Cope, Victoria *HENNESSY, May – died of Malaria and Acute Nephritis 9/4/1919 at Riviera Private Hospital, Geelong, Vic *KNOX, Hilda Mary – died from Cerebral Spinal Meningitis 17/2/1917 on the way to hospital, Rouen, France *McPHAIL, Irene – died from Pulmonary TB 4/8/1920 at Caulfield Military Hospital (11th AGH), Vic *MOORHOUSE, Edith Ann – died from Pneumonia 24/11/1918 at the 39th Stationary Hospital, France *MORETON, Lettetia Gladwys – died of Enteric Fever 11/11/1916 at the Station Hospital, Quetta, India *MOWBRAY, Norma Violet – died of Pneumonia 21/1/1916 in the 1st Australian General Hospital, Heliopolis, Egypt *MUNRO, Gertrude Evelyn – died of Pneumonia and Malaria 10/10/1918 at the 43rd General Hospital, Salonika, Greece *NUGENT, Lily (Elizabeth Lillian – Home Service) – died from Laryngeal TB 21/2/1918 at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, NSW *O’GRADY, Amy Veda – died from Cholera 12/8/1916 at the Isolation Hospital, Colaba, Bombay, India *O’KANE, Rosa – died from Influenza 21/12/1918 at the Quarantine Station, Woodman’s Point, WA *PORTER, Katherine Agnes Lawrence – died of Pneumonic Influenza 16/7/1919 at the 4th Australian General Hospital, Randwick, NSW *POWER, Kathleen – died from Cholera 13/8/1916 at the Isolation Hospital, Colaba, Bombay, India *REED, Edith Amelia – died of TB 4/8/1921 at the Keswick Hospital, SA *RIDGWAY, Doris Alice (Home Service) – died of Pneumonic Influenza 6/1/1919 at the Quarantine Station, Woodman’s Point, WA *ROTHERY, Elizabeth – died of Peritonitis 15/6/1918 at Beechworth, Vic *STAFFORD, Mary Florence – died of Lympathic Leukaemia 20/3/1919 at the 15th Australian General Hospital, Adelaide, SA *THOMPSON, Ada Mildred – died of Pneumonic Influenza 1/1/1919 at the Quarantine Station, Woodman’s Point, WA *TYSON, Fanny Isobel Catherine – died of a Cerebral Haemorrhage 20/4/1919 at the 1st Australian General Hospital, Sutton Veny, England *WALKER, Jean Nellie Miles – died of Pneumonic Influenza 30/10/1918 in the Sister’s Quarters of No. 1 Group Clearing Hospital, Sutton Veny, England *WATSON, Beatrice Middleton – died of a Cerebral Haemorrhage 2/6/1916 at the 1st Australian Stationary Hospital, Ismailia, Egypt *WILLIAMS, Blodwyn Elizabeth – died of Pleurisy 24/5/1920 at the 11th Australian General Hospital, Caulfield, Vic QUEEN ALEXANDRA’S IMPERIAL MILITARY NURSING SERVICE RESERVE (QAIMNSR): *ATKINSON, Alice Blanche – died from TB 9/12/1916 at her mother’s home in Crafers, Sth Australia *BERRIE, Charlotte Matilda – died of Pneumonia 8/1/1919 at the American Red Cross Hospital, Jerusalem, Palestine *BLAKE, Edith – died 26/2/1918 when the HS Glenart Castle was sunk by a torpedo in the Bristol Channel *CORFIELD, Agnes Beryl – died of Typhoid 2/2/1916 Alexandria, Egypt *DICKSON, May – died of Vascular Disease of the Heart & Chronic Nephritis 4/10/1917 at No.5 Australian General Hospital, St Kilda Rd, Melbourne *HOBBES, Florence Narelle Jessie – died of Liver Cancer 10/5/1918 on board the HS Kanowna *ROBERTS, Margaret Dorothy/Dorothea – died 31/12/1917 when the SS Osmanieh hit a mine at the entrance to Alexandria Harbour [British - living in Australia at time of enlistment] *SAW, Nellie Mabel – died from TB 31/3/1919 Albany, WA *STARLING, Winifred – died 10/10/1918 when the SS Leinster was torpedoed and sunk in the Irish Sea *WILSON, Myrtle Elizabeth – died of Pneumonia 23/12/1915 in the 14th General Hospital, Boulogne, France OTHER SERVICES: *ALEXANDER, Annie (VAD) – died of Septic Pneumonia 10/11/1918 at the Royal Naval Auxiliary Hospital, Scotland *ASHLEY, Dora (Mechanic 17663, WRAF) – died of Pneumonia 4/11/1918 London, England *BRENNAN, Kathleen Adele (VAD, BRC) – died of Septic Pericarditis 24/11/1918 at the 5th Northern General Hospital, Leicester, England *COSTELLO, Avon Emilie (ARC) – died of Smallpox 16/3/1919 Cairo, Egypt *FORSTER, Laura Elizabeth (Doctor, BFH/FRC/NUWSS) – died of Influenza complications 11/2/1917 Galicia, Russia *GRANT, Lydia William Falconar (VAD, BRC) – died of Measles complications 1/4/1917 at the 2nd Western General Hospital, Manchester, England *HIRST, Amy Denton (VAD, YMCA) – died from TB 29/3/1918 at Ladbroke Gardens, London *McGREGOR, Elizabeth (Nurse, AVH / RC) – died of Pneumonic Influenza 5/12/1918 at the Sydney Quarantine Station, NSW *McMILLAN, Clara Louisa (Stewardess, SS Wimmera, Merchant Navy/Mercantile Marine) – died on the 26/6/1918 when the SS Wimmera struck a mine *NEALE, Anita (VAD) – [Named in the Honour Roll during the Women’s Memorial Service held in Sydney Town Hall June 1925] *NEWTON, Edith Keighley (Assistant Saloon Stewardess, SS Wimmera, Merchant Navy/Mercantile Marine) – died on the 26/6/1918 when the SS Wimmera struck a mine *PARROTT, Amy Maud Augusta (VAD Nurse, BRC / Sth African Forces) – died of Pneumonic Influenza 24/10/1918 Sth Africa *RIGGALL, Louisa Blanche (VAD, ARC) – died from a Cerebral Haemorrhage 31/8/1918 at the Sick Sisters Hospital (8th BGH) Rouen, France *ROBERTSON, Jean (Stewardess, SS Wimmera, Merchant Navy/Mercantile Marine) – died on the 26/6/1918 when the SS Wimmera struck a mine *ROBERTSON, Violet Ann (Red Cross VAD) – died 29/11/1917 in a riding accident in Hyde Park, London, England *ROPER, Ursula Mary (Nurse) – died of Pneumonia 6/4/1918 at Richmond Military Hospital, Surrey, England [Commemoration dates: 4/8/1914 to 31/8/1921] Heather 'Frev' Ford