• Three Balmain Boys who went to War.The Fergussons remembered.

Arthur, Albert and Ralph Ivo are cousins through their Fathers. All three boys grew up in Balmain and enlisted in 1915, Both Arthurand Albert served in France with the 2nd and the 53rd Infantry Battalions of the AIF. Ralph Ivo served in Mesopotamia, now Iraq with a signals / Wireless section of the AIF. Both Arthur and Albert were killed in 1918, Arthur in August by a shell and Albert in October by gunshot wounds.Ralph Ivo servived the war and returned to Sydney, one of the first things he did at home was to go to the AIF luggage depot and retreive his dead brothers pers kit for his mother. Brave boys, and dutywell done, not forgotten, LestWe Forget.Ivo went on to work as a blacksmith at the Manly tram works.