• John Monash, a great hero and general to WWI

John Monash is a famous soldier who served in World War 1. He was born in Melbourne on the 27th of June, 1865. Throughout the years, John went from being an engineer to a lieutenant general and fought many great, victorious battles in World War 1 such as the Gallipoli Campaign, the battle of Passchendaele and the battle of Hamel. He was in command of the Australian Corps. The battle of Hamel was one of his first victorious battles as a lieutenant general. John was smart and tactical which resulted in his victories. Other battles he participated in were the Battle of Messines, Battle of Broodseinde, Battle of Amiens and Battle of St. Quentin Canal. These victories earned him high praise from many leading political and military figures. He was known as an innovative leader. His most active years were when he became a lieutenant general. He had it tough, training the soldiers and then fighting many battles on the Western Front. Monash was welcomed home after staying 8 months in London overseeing the AIF. He returned on Boxing Day in 1919. Monash died of heart disease in Melbourne on 8 October 1931 and was given a state funeral attended by some 250,000 mourners. He was a man worthy of remembrance. Lest we forget.