• Six Tatt brothers off to war

My Grandfather was from a family of seven boys and six girls. The boys worked with their father clearing land and making roads in Castlemaine.They would camp out all week and come home on weekends. When the call for war came, they all volunteered and went on to serve in Pozieres. My Grandfather, George was serving with his brother Joseph when Joseph a stretcher bearer was killed in action on August 18th 1916 (George's birthday) . My Grandfather George was shot in the thigh on the same day. Eight men from his unit were killed when they were ordered to go from the dugout to the trench, under a hail of bullets and shrapnel. My Grandfather, the ninth rolled into the trench and survived.He married a British World war 1 nurse and had 7 children and lost a son George a POW on the Burma railway.