• 3rd Batallion, 11th Company

6th November 1917 The Battle of Khuweilfe The 3rd Battalion ICC was attached to the British and placed in reserve for the attack but due the British loosing their way the 3rd Battalion found itself in the front when the British took a left turn in the darkness, and the ICC continued as directed. It found its self cut off in front of the 19th Turkish Division, where they fought it out for two days, until other forces relieved them. The 3rd Bn ICC suffered heavy losses during this fight and a number of all ranks received awards for their actions. The 11Co was in a particular exposed position but held against all attacks by the Turks. Captain Creswell was killed in action; Lt's Lyon and Dawson were also killed. Lts Clarke and Buchanan were wounded. 52 other ranks were wounded. Lt Dixon was the only officer remaining. Who else was on the field for the 11th Company?