• Australian Signallers at the Dardanelles

At Back: Gunner Beeks (range finder), Bom. Pearce (director- man). Middle Row: Gunner Luff (signaller and telephonist), Gunner Clarke (sketcher), Gunner Pyemont, who has since been wounded (signaller and telephonist). In Front: Gunner Williams, Corporal Todd, Gunner Strong, Bom. E. C. Mumford, no will in hospital (all signallers and telephonists). 1st Field Artillery Brigade, Battery 2. Unit embarked from Sydney, New South Wales, on board Transport A8 Argyllshire on 18 October 1914. (A.I.F. Project) 278 Allan Edward Beeks 270 Charles George Pearce 196 Ernest Charles Luff 266 Gordon Harry Percival Clark 277 Norman Clive Pyemont 290 Marcus Samuel Williams 191 George Herbert Todd 305 Harold George Strong 190 Edward Charles Mumford