• Australian, Russian, French, And British Officers Who Are Prisoners Of War In Turkey

Group Photograph Back Row, - Standing Left to Right: No. 4, Lieutenant Palmer (late of H.M. Submarine E15); No. 7, Lieutenant John Pitt Carey, R.N. (late of H.M.A. submarine AE2); No 8, Lieutenant Geoffrey A.G. Haggard, R. N. , (ditto); No. 11, Lieutenant Jordan 9th Battalion (Australia); No. 12, Lieutenant Elston, 16th Battalion (Australia). Centre Row. – Seated: No1 Medical Officer of the Russian Imperial Navy: No. 3, Sub-Lieutenant Fitzgerald, R.N. (late of submarine E15); No. 4, Lieutenant Commander H.H.G. Stoker R.N. (late in command of H.M.A. Submarine AE2) Front Row. – Seated: No. 2. Lieutenant Price, R.N. (late of submarine E15); No. 4, Captain Ronald McDonald, 16th Battalion. (Australia). In a letter dated September 1 Lieutenant Commander H.H.G. Stoker, R.N. (late of command of H.M.A. submarine AE2), writes : - “As proof of the good health of prisoners I send you two photos. I am also glad to be able to say that the men (crew of H.M.A. submarine (AE2) are all keeping in quite satisfactory health. They are visited daily by the Russian medical doctor, who is seated on the right of the centre row in the group”. Sydney Mail newspaper 17 November 1915.