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    6040 Pte Ernest William Delaporte 11th Battalion died of wounds at the third battle of Ypres.His two uncles also died in WW1 - 272 Pte 28th Battalion Killed in Action at Gallipoli 16 September 1915

  • DELAPORTE Brothers and Nephew DELAPORTE Brothers and Nephew

    Richard is the brother of Arnold DELAPORTE and the Uncle of . 272 Pte Richard Delaporte was killed in Action at Gallipoli 16 September 1915.1992 Arnold Delaporte was evacuated from Gallipoli with Spin

  • REED Arthur Ernest brother. REED Arthur Ernest brother.

    Arthur's brother is 2012 11th Battalion.

  • Reed William Oliver and brother Reed William Oliver and brother

    His brother is 1761 51st Battalion

  • Man of Stamina Man of Stamina

    Eric Hammil GIFFORD was born in Swan Hill, Victoria on 19 May 1899. His parents were Rev. Alfred Ernest GIFFORD (b. 20/2/1868 in Beechworth VIC) and Elizabeth Buller Catherine Harril (b. 3/7/1871 at F

  • A distinguished gentleman A distinguished gentleman

    Alfred Silva Harril GIFFORD was born in East Melbourne, Victoria on 2 March 1897. His parents were Rev. Alfred Ernest GIFFORD (b. 20/2/1868 in Beechworth VIC) and Elizabeth Buller Catherine GIFFORD ne

  • Gannan Gerald Allan Gannan Gerald Allan

    This man is the brother of 3285 , incorrectly recorded in this roll as 3285 Gannon, James Alan. My name is Paul Gannan

  • Cecil Rush Cecil Rush

    Cecil was at the first landing in Gallipoli and served with the 15th battalion until the end of hositilities on the Western Front. He arrived home in 1919, married Agnes Coleman and had one son, Clay

  • Harland, Claude Harland, Claude

    My granduncle Claude lived until 90 years of age in 1976. He married Henrietta (Hetty) Young. They adopted two daughters, Helen and Gwen. Until now I was unaware that he had been in the army in the Fi

  • Harland, Arthur Wade Harland, Arthur Wade

    Arthur Harland was my grandfather's younger brother. He and three of his brothers fought in WW1, and one of his older brothers () was killed. After the Armistice, Arthur lost contact with his family a

  • My Uncle Chook My Uncle Chook

    Francis Henry [Chook] Harmer was born at Mt Pleasant South Australia. He grew up at Gerang Gerung Victoria. He was one of three brothers to enlist for duty in the World War 1. His brothers were and .

  • Brothers in arms Brothers in arms

    He was one of 4 brothers who went to the first war.His brothers were Patrick (Christopher William) Donnelly (killed on Gallipoli), Albert John Donnelly (killed on the Somme) and Alfred Leslie Donnelly

  • November 5th 1916 November 5th 1916

    For further details on the November 5th 1916 attack he died in and his burial in early March 1917 please see the following website:

  • The Keid brothers The Keid brothers

    The six Keid brothers served in WWI. Only 2 returned home. Additional reading The Brothers Keid by Cedric Hampson

  • Duncan Sherrington Duncan Sherrington

    Married to Lilly Louisa Hailey in 1909, widowed after their daughter, Lily Louisa (Lucy) Sherrington was born in Gayndah. After serving in Belgium, Duncan returned to Australia, discharged medically u

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