• Albert Harding Jones

Army / Flying Corps

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  • Enlistment - WW1

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  • Birth

    Eagle Junction, Clayfield, Queensland, Australia

Stories and comments
    • The Men of "B" Company, 26th Battalion
    • Posted by jaydsydaus121, Thursday, 8 April 2021

    Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld), Saturday 25 March 1916, page 40 "MADE AUSTRALIA FAMOUS." RETURN OF 106 QUEENSLANDERS. Just as the darkest cloud has its silver lining, so in inverse ratio life's bright moments are tinged with sorrow. It was ever thus, and it was so last night, when the felicitous celebration of St. Patrick's Day was clouded by the home coming of the largest batch of returned soldiers which has come back to our city on one occasion. This contingent numbered 106 men, exclusive of orderlies, escort, and officers returned on duty. The widespread interest in these periodic homecomings continues unabated. There was no lessening of the density of last night's crowds; no weakening of their fervent acclamations of welcome and homage. Of the men who returned last evening by far the larger proportion were invalids. About 40 were wounded, and the affecting sight of five stretchers laid on the platform in readiness was mute evidence of the serious nature of the cases. Later four prostrate, bandaged forms on litters were gently lifted through the carriage windows of the train, and without delay were taken by the ambulance bearers to the attendant motors. One man had a wound in the chest, another was wounded in the knee, another had a wound in the leg, and a fourth suffered from frostbite. Among the others, one tall soldier minus a leg moved along on crutches, and an other had his left arm in a sling. Those suffering from wounds had these inflicted by bullets, shrapnel, and bombs, but there was a uniform cheerfulness about wounded and invalided. The men who returned last week were part of a shipload of 400 who left Suez on January 28, and had a cool and pleasant passage. The personnel of the contingent is as follows :— 550, Sgt. A. H. Jones, 26th Battalion.