• Cusha Syria Mary Connor

Army / Flying Corps
  • Australian Army Nursing Service

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  • Birth

    Beechworth, Victoria, Australia

  • Enlistment - WW1

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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    • My Grandmother (Ma)
    • Posted by Mapping our Anzacs story, Wednesday, 20 November 2013

    This information is about my grandmother who was a nurse in WW1 and when she married an english officer in Constantinople her services where no longer required.

    • CONNOLLY, Cusha Syria Mary - Staff Nurse, AANS
    • Posted by FrevFord, Wednesday, 13 May 2015

    Born in 1891 at Beechworth, daughter of Thomas Augustus CONNOLLY & Cecily / Cecilia Margaret HOURIGAN – who married in Vic in 1890 Residents of The Retreat, Beechworth Thomas who had been born in Carlow, Ireland in 1842, was for many years a partner and the managing director of Crawford and Co. Pty. Ltd., a coaching firm whose headquarters were in Beechworth. He died at his residence ‘Carlow’ in Lansdowne Rd, East St Kilda on the 16/5/1928, age 85 Cecily died 9/6/1945 at ‘Carlow’ East St Kilda, age 80 Siblings: Honora Catherine (Nora) b.1893 Brun (Violinist) – marr PIPER; Johanna Winifred (Joan) b.1897 Beechworth – marr MacLEOD; Thomas Joseph b. 19/5/1898 Beechworth – student Xavier College – WW1, enlisted 28/6/18 – didn’t sail Edward Peter (Eddie) b.2/11/1900 Beechworth – WW2 Religion: Roman Catholic Educated at the Brigidene Convent School, Beechworth Trained at St Vincent’s Hospital, Fitzroy (3 years) WW1: Enlisted as a Staff Nurse in the AANS and embarked 12/6/1917 on board the RMS Mooltan for Salonika (via Egypt). Disembarked at Suez, Egypt 19/7/1917 and re-embarked at Alexandria on the Chagres 25/7/1917, disembarking Salonika and being taken on strength on the 30/7/1917 Returned to Egypt on the Gorgon, disembarking at Alexandria 28/8/1918 for the purpose of getting married Married William Wells Charles WEALE at the Convent Chapel of St Mark’s, Cairo, Egypt on the 9/9/1918 Discharged from AANS on marriage Cusha was granted a free passage to Australia on the Nestor, and embarked at Suez 26/12/1918. http://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/SearchNRetrieve/Interface/ViewImage.aspx?B=6041225 She later returned to Egypt where her first son was born in Dec 1919 She again left Melbourne on the 23rd of April 1921 on her way to join her husband in Constantinople (via England) Returned to England by June 1922 when her second son was born Children (2): William Thomas Hames Brecon, born 7/12/1919 Cairo, Egypt Enlisted WW2 25/5/1940 Paddington, NSW, though resident of Barton, ACT. Discharged 26/2/1946, a Captain in 2/2 Battalion NOK – father Wm WC Weale of “The Retreat”, Barton, Canberra CPS 1949 Private Secretary to the Federal Minister for Works and Interior (1953) Married Kathleen GRAY 6/4/1953 St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney Died 1966 in Sutherland, NSW Charles John Dennis, born 4/6/1922 in Datchett, England Enlisted WW2 20/7/1941 Melbourne – RAAF – discharged 25/5/1942, a Leading Aircraftman at 2 Air Observers School, Mt Gambier. Re-enlisted Army – 28/10/1942 in Paddington, NSW, though resident of Barton, ACT – discharged 15/5/1946, a Gunner in 53rd Australian Anti Aircraft Regiment. Engaged March 1947 to Olive WRIGHT (of East Malvern) Bank clerk 1949 Died 1990 Residents of “The Retreat”, Lisgar St, Barton, ACT 1928, 1935, 1937 Residents of 11 Lansdowne Rd, Armadale 1949 (both sons living with them) Cusha died 28/8/1971 at St Kilda, Vic, age 79 Buried at the St Kilda General Cemetery on the 31st August (RC Monumental, Comp A, Grave 194) William Wells Charles WEALE was born 6/1/1895 in London (? or Athens, Greece) – son of the late Agent-General for Turkey, Charles Hames WEALE (d.1913 Turkey) & Angelica PAPAYANNOPOULES Service in WW1: London Regiment – Pte 3303; Devonshire Regiment & attached General List – Lieut, then Captain – Intelligence Department, Jerusalem (1918). 1919: Came to Australia on one month’s leave – embarked at Cairo 15/1/19 on HT Karmala. 1921: British Consulate General, Constantinople, Turkey Civil Servant, ACT 1928, 1935, 1937 Service in WW2: Enlisted in Sydney 7/11/1940, though resident of St Kilda – discharged 19/3/1945, a Major in the 38th Bn. Major 1947 / Soldier 1949 Died 24/12/1978 at Coffs Harbour, NSW Advocate (Melb, Vic), Sat 27 Jul 1901 (p.23): THE CHILDRENS’ CORNER The Retreat, Beechworth, July 4 Dear Aunt Patsy – As this is the first time I have written to you, I will try to make it as interesting as I can. I hope you will accept me as one of your nieces. We are having our midwinter holidays just now, and I am enjoying them. We are taking the “Advocate” about three years now. I go to the convent school, and I am in the third class. I have two sisters and two brothers; their names are Nora, Joe, Tom and Eddie. I think I will give my cousins a few riddles. Why can’t a deaf old man tickle nine ladies at once? Answer: Because he can just ticulate. When a cow’s tail is on one side of a fence and its head on the other, what is it like? Answer: A penny. Why does a chicken hang down its head like next Monday? Answer: Because its neck’s week! I remain, your loving niece, CUSHA MARY CONNOLLY. Age 9 years. Dear Cusha, your last riddle is amusing. I think a gossoon, not a colleen, made that up! The Argus, Sat 23 Nov 1918: MARRIAGES WEALE – CONNOLLY – On the 9th September, at the Convent Chapel of St Mark’s, Cairo, by the Rev Father Predergast, Lieutenant William D.C. Weale, Intelligence Department, Jerusalem, son ot the late Agent-General for Turkey, formerly of Cheshire, England, to Sister Cusha Mary, AANS, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Tom Connolly, of “The Retreat,” Beechworth. Benalla Standard (Vic), Fri 13 Jun 1919 (p.3): BEECHWORTH A civic welcome home was given in the Federal Hall, Beechworth, on Tuesday night to Corporal Reg Whales, M.M., Lance-Corporal F.C. Waldon, Privates L. Crook, P. Brunning, H.A. Elliott, W. Parkinson, and Staff Sister Weale (nee Miss Connolly). ……………………………… The Argus, Sat 22 Jul 1922: BIRTHS WEALE (nee Cusha Connolly) – On the 4th June, at private hospital, London, the wife of W.W. Weale, British Consulate-General, Constantinople – a son. Notes: Cusha’s Birth reg as Cyria Mary – death reg. as Syria Mary – Cusha possibly a pet name Mother’s name: Cicily / Cesily / Cecilia O’Hourigan / Cecily Marguerit Hourigan - death reg as Cecilia Margt, marr & most birth records as Cecily Ovens and Murray Advertiser (Beechworth, Vic), Wed 3 Jul 1918 (p.2): Personal Notes Mr Thomas Connolly, eldest son of Mr Thomas Connolly, for many years managing director of Crawford and Co. Pty. Ltd., the well-known coaching firm, who headquarterd are at Beechworth, has enlisted. Prior to donning the khaki Tom was in the service of the Bank of New South Wales. The Australasian (Melb, Vic), Sat 26 May 1928 (p.12): PERSONAL Mr Thomas Connolly, who died at his residence, Carlow, Lansdowne road, East St Kilda (V.) on May 16, was one of the best-known residents of Beechworth, where he lived for 55 years. He was a partner in the coaching company of Crawford and Connolly Limited. A native of Carlow, Ireland, where he was born in 1842, Mr Connolloy came to Australia in 1868. [Son of Thomas CONNOLLY & Johanna FENELON] 1929 Memorial windows for Thomas: http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/171659897 The Argus, Mon 11 Jun 1945: DEATHS CONNOLLY – On June 9, at her residence, 11 Lansdowne road, East St Kilda, Cecilia Margaret, dearly beloved wife of the late Thomas Connolly, late of Beechworth, loved mother of Cusha (Mrs Weale), Nora (Mrs Piper), Joan (Mrs MacLeod), Thomas and Edward, aged 80 years. – Requiescat in pace.