• Thomas Hardidge Danby

Army / Flying Corps
  • 26th Australian Infantry Battalion

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  • Enlistment - WW1

    Dalby, QLD, Australia

  • Birth

    Hampstead, London, England, UK

Stories and comments
    • The Men of the 26th Battalion
    • Posted by jaydsydaus121, Friday, 26 February 2021

    Brisbane Courier (Qld), Wednesday 23 August 1916, page 7 INVALIDED ANZACS. 71 RETURN LAST NIGHT. NO MINISTERIAL WELCOME. To the accompaniment of brass band music and the acclamations of a large concourse of citizens and men in khaki another batch of returned soldiers arrived at the Central Station last evening. There were 71 of them, and nearly all were invalids who had suffered from enteric. There was one stretcher case, Private L McLeod, who had been stricken down by pneumonia. None of the men had been on the western front, but had seen service in Egypt and at Gallipoli. They reported a pleasant and uneventful ocean voyage, with the food plentiful and good. They were in charge of Captain Monckton (Sydney), who was attended by four members of the Voluntary Aid Detachment Captain A J Tiddy, staff officer for returned soldiers, joined the train at Ipswich, and reported that the names of the men were as follows :— T. H. Danby,