• Frank Fisher

Army / Flying Corps
  • 11th Australian Light Horse Regiment
  • 4th Light Horse Brigade
  • Trooper

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  • British War Medal
  • Victory Medal
  • Enlistment - WW1

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  • Birth

    Clermont, Queensland, Australia

Stories and comments
    • Trooper Frank Fisher - the great grandfather of Olymic gold medalist Cathy Freeman.
    • Posted by GregoryCope40, Tuesday, 10 May 2016

    Trooper Frank Fisher, the great grandfather of Olympic gold medalist Cathy Freeman. He enlisted in the AIF in 1917 and was stationed in Egypt during 1918. He returned to Australia in July 1919 and his son became a famous rugby league player also called Frank - dubbed King Fisher – Bigshot Fisher. Frank’s military pay was controlled by the Aboriginal Protector. Frank’s wife Esme discovered she could not draw on her husband’s military pay back home. Qld dept. – sequestered the wages as a form of ‘settlement tax’ covering the cost of their food rations and so on, the unacknowledged reasoning was that Aborigines could not be trusted to spend their money wisely.