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  • 1914–1915 Star
  • British War Medal
  • Victory Medal
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    • GAWLER, Kathleen Blanche – Staff Nurse (Acting Sister), QAIMNSR (ARRC, MID)
    • Posted by FrevFord, Wednesday, 16 December 2015

    Born on the 7th January 1888 at Cassell St, Hawksburn (Sth Yarra), Vic – daughter of John Miller GAWLER & Kate STEVENS – who married in West Ham, Essex, England in the Jul-Sep Qtr of 1884, and came to Australia c1885/86 – the family lived at Black Rock, Vic John, a Clerk, died 16/5/1936 at Surrey Hills, age 82, and Kate died in 1945 at Surrey Hills, age 81 Siblings: *John Stevens b.1885 West Ham – marr Ruth – WW1: Spr 19052, 10th FCE – d.1978 Mitcham [see Who’s Who in Aust]; *Harold b.1886 Brighton, Vic – WW1: 2117 – d.1977 Heidelberg; *Oswald b.1889 Brighton – WW1: 1226 / Lieut – (Actuary) – marr Doris Kathleen HAYNES – d.1975 Malvern; *Duncan Philip b.1891 Brighton – WW1: 33299, AFA – KIA 10/5/1918 France; *Norah Louise b.1894 Sandringham – d.1978; *Cedric James b.1903 Sandringham Educated at St Agnes Primary School & Sandringham High School – she was awarded Dux of Sandringham School in 1903 Trained in nursing at the Castlemaine Hospital She gained a certificate in maternity nursing Nurse, Castlemaine Hospital 1910, 1913 Living 32 Murphy St, Sth Yarra 1914, 1915 WW1: Embarked 15/5/1915 on the Mooltan for Egypt to join the QAIMNSR, disembarking Suez 15/6/1915 and posted to the 15th General Hospital at Alexandria on the 16/6/1915 Proceeded on temporary transport duty 9/9/1915 – 24/10/1915 Transferred to the 36th Stationary Hospital 24/4/1917 Mentioned in Sir A.J. Murray’s despatch (MID) 28/6/1917 Appointed Acting Sister 15/12/1917 Awarded the Royal Red Cross (2nd Class – ARRC) 1/1/1918 Sick in quarters at Gaza with a Migraine headache 10/11/1918 – admitted to 24 Stationary Hospital 11/11/18 – transferred to 19th General Hospital 14/11/18 Joined the 19th General Hospital for temporary duty on the 29/12/1918 Confidential Report, Matron Potter, 19th GH: “Sister Kathleen Gawler was only with me about one month, but I found her to be a very keen charge Sister- good to her patients, and appeared to be very interested in her work. I should say she was most capable, and certainly well fitted for further employment in Military Hospitals.” Transferred to duty at the Red Cross Club 18/1/1919 “In addition to her nursing service, she organized and opened for the Red Cross at Gaza a club for nurses, who, until then, had no recognised place of meeting or recreation. With the help of a few native servants, she did all the work, cooking every day for an average of 150 people.” [The Adelaide Register, 24/11/1925] Admitted to the 21st Stationary Hospital 23/9/1919 with a severe headache, and a Medical Board held 26/9/1919 recommended a change to England Invalided to England on the Valdivia 2/10/1919 Whilst in England she resided with relatives at 19 West Hill Rd, Wandsworth Medical Board at Netley 24/10/1919 recommended sick leave until the 23/12/1919 – another Medical Board held at Fovant 24/12/1919 recommeded further sick leave until the 23/2/1920 Returned to Australia 9//1/1920 on the Megantic – her service terminated 25/2/1920 on expiration of her sick leave She is listed on the Honour Roll of the St Agnes School, Black Rock [Also O. Gawler, H. Gawler, D.P. Gawler, J.S. Gawler] – and Nurse J.C.A. Traill Living with her brother Oswald & his wife Doris in Lawson St, Auburn 1922 Travelled to England on the Orvieto, arriving 2/5/1922 [resident 19 West Hill Rd, Wandsworth], then to Egypt on the City of Paris, departing Liverpool 14/3/1923, and disembarking at Port Said While nursing in the Church Missionary Society Hospital at Menouf, she met and married Rev Hayes Married Herbert Edward Elton HAYES on the 15th June 1923 at the British Consulate, Cairo (Rev – “Padre” of the Toc H movement – b.31/10/1882 Kent) ADB entry: http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/hayes-herbert-edward-elton-10464 They had settled in Australia by December 1924 Hon Secretary of the Toc Emma League of Women Helpers – until the end of 1926 Moved to the Vicarage at Mernda in January 1927 Living Mernda, Vic 1927, 1953 In 1928 the couple travelled to England on the Ormonde, arriving Aug 1928, and departed London 27/11/1928 on the Esperance Bay for return to Melbourne Elected Treasurer of the newly formed Girl Guide Association at Mernda 1929 Hon Treasurer of the Returned Army Nurses’ Club 1934 Over the years she ‘built up a successful native Australian needlework business in her converted cable-tram car “workroom” at Mernda’ Applied for Repat 1959 Herbert died 13/10/1960 at Fairfield Died in August 1967 at Armadale, age 79 Cremated at Springvale Cemetery 11/8/1967, and her ashes scattered The Telegraph, St Kilda, Prahran and South Yarra Guardian (Vic), Sat 14 Jan 1888 (p.5): BIRTHS GAWLER – On the 7th January, at Cassell street, Hawsburn [sic], the wife of J.M. Gawler, of a daughter. Brighton Southern Cross (Vic), Sat 3 Jan 1903 (p.2): SANDRINGHAM HIG SCHOOL [Dux of the school] http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/165455164 Mount Alexander Mail (Vic), Mon 17 May 1915 (p.2): ITEMS OF NEWS Among the nurses who sail for the front by the Mooltan, which leaves Melbourne to-morrow, are Nurse Ford, sister of Mr J.E. Ford, of the Town Hall Pictures, and Nurses Gawler and Mawson, who were trained at the Castlemaine Hospital a few years ago. The Argus (Melb, Vic), Mon 18 Mar 1918 (p.4): PERSONAL Sister Kathleen Gawler, of Black Rock, who has been on service with the British military hospitals in Egypt for three years, has received the Royal Red Cross. Sister Gawler, who was promoted some time ago, has recently had charge of a ward in one of the desert hospitals on the Red Sea. Castlemaine Mail (Vic), Wed 20 Mar 1918 (p.2): ITEMS OF NEWS Nurse Gawler, who graduated at the Castlemaine Hospital, and was one of the most popular nurses at that institution, has been on nursing duty in Egypt for over three years. It will be pleasing news to the many friends she made here that she has been decorated with the Royal Red Cross, a distinction which she has thoroughly earned. She was on furlough about 12 months ago, and paid a brief visit to Castlemaine, and on her return to Egypt she was promoted, and has recently had charge of a ward in one of the desert hospitals on the Red Sea. Sister Gawler’s relatives reside at Black Rock. The Argus (Melb, Vic), Tue 15 May 1921 (p.6): REWARDS FOR GALLANTRY Investiture at Government House Honours gained on active service will be presented to several former members of the A.I.F. by the Governor-General (Lord Forster) at Government House at 11 o’clock on Friday. The following will be invested: – Royal Red Cross (Second Class) – ……………………………….……….., Sister K. Gawler. The Australasian (Melb, Vic), Sat 18 Nov 1922 (p.50): AUSTRALIANS ABROAD LONDON, Oct 5 Miss K. Gawler, who served with the British Nursing Service during the war, is at present in England. She will probably visit Cairo before returning to Australia. The Argus (Melb, Vic), Sat 21 Jul 1923 (p.17): MARRIAGES ELTON-HAYES – GAWLER – On the 15th Jun, 1923, at British Consulate, Cairo, Egypt, Kathleen, elder daughter of Mrs and Mr J.M. Gawler, of Black Rock, Melbourne, to Rev Herbert Edward Elton-Hayes, of Kent, England. Present address, C.M.S., Menouf, Egypt. News (Adelaide, SA), Wed 17 Dec 1924 (p.5): Women’s World LORD FORSTER HELPS TALBOT HOUSE http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/129809592 The Register (Adelaide, SA), Tue 24 Nov 1925 (p.4): Women’s Page TOC EMMAS “MADRE” – H.E.E. HAYES Adelaide has lately heard much of Toc H., that living memorial to the “Elder Brethren” who gave up their lives in the war. Mrs H.E.E. Hayes, wife of the Rev Hayes, or, as he is mostly known in Melbourne, “Padre” of the Toc H. movement, has come to Adelaide with her husband as representative of the lesser fame of the Toc Emmas – the Toc H. League of Women Helpers. Mrs Hayes was introduced to me by her husband as one who had spent five years at war, had been mentioned in dispatches, and gained the R.R.C. “I’ll tell you this,” he said, “because she never will.” There were other particulars which neither the Rev. Hayes or his wife told me, but such as might fittingly introduce Mrs Hayes to Adelaide as Federal organizer of the L.W.H. In addition to her nursing service, she organized and opened for the Red Cross at Gaza a club for nurses, who, until then, had no recognised place of meeting or recreation. With the help of a few native servants, she did all the work, cooking every day for an average of 150 people. Her way of interpreting the meaning of war service in Egypt and Palestine was always thoroughly consistent with her performance of civil duty. “There was never any question of professional dignity,” some one once said of her when she was Sister Gawler “She considered it just as much her duty to get the father’s breakfast, bath and clothe the children and send them off to school, as to nurse the mother.” Women Foundation Members Mrs Hayes explained that she had come to Adelaide to try to interest women in forming a Toc H. League of Women Helpers. “There were always women in Toc H.,” she said. “When Talbot House was opened in Flanders, in memory of brilliant young Gilbert Talbot, it was, as you know, a place of good fellowship and cheer before going into the firing line. There was no rank within its walls. More than 100,000 officers and men worshipped in the upper room, the old hop loft, which became the most famous shrine of the British Army in Flanders. “There were six nurses there, and they were made foundation members of Toc H. “When the post-war movement began, to carry into civil life that spirit of brotherhood and make it a real thing to the younger generation, there seemed no room for women in the movement itself. But there are always things that only women can do, and those who had the spirit of Toc H. within them, and missed the brotherhood of the battlefield, joined together in London to help in any way they could. This they did by forming an auxiliary branch – the Toc H. League of Women Helpers. “To-day there are many women’s branches. “I am convinced that there is a need for them. Many head mistresses have told me that while their girls work well at school, they lose every desire for service when they leave, and live for nothing but dancing and golf. These are the younger generation – the ones we want to touch. Practical Work “In Melbourne, wherever girls have come in touch with Toc Emma, they have become whole-heartedly keen. Human nature must have its ideal, but an ideal must be translated into action, and Toc H., with all its great spirit, is thoroughly practical. You have heard how it works in Adelaide. In Melbourne the women’s branch works in just the same way. ………………………………………. http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/60639585 The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA), Tue 24 Nov 1925 (p.10): The Woman’s World Mrs H.H. Hayes, who is the wife of “Padre” Hayes, so well known in connection wit the Toc H movement, …………………………. …………………………………………………………………………. A South Australian sister and she were under canvas for two yeas. Mrs Hayes ran a club for nursing sisters at Gaza, it was so hot in the club-house that she had to wear a hat all day, and even then all the cooking had to be done out in the open with a mud oven, and oil stove. In 1919 Mrs Hayes went on duty in the big military hospital at Alexandria. “The reason,” she said, “was particularly funny, because it was due to the fact that I had a maternity nursing certificate. A good many babies were born in that hospital, although it was strictly a military one, but wives of some of the members of the regular army were surely entitled to use it, I think.” ***** Mrs Hayes, who has established a Woman’s Toc H Centre in Melbourne, says her aim is to get girls at sixteen years and upwards, who will be willing to give up a day or night a week to their work in aid of memory of the Elder Bretheren. ………………………………….. http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/44647539 The Age (Melb, Vic), Thur 3 Jun 1926 (p.13): Toc Emmas At the first guest night of the Toc Emmas, Sandringham group, last night, Mrs H.E.E. Hayes, organising secretary for Australia, said the war had shaken women and girls up far more than it had the men. It had brought either for better or worse a greater freedom, and this freedom needed very careful and thoughtful discipline if women were to enter into a full appreciation of its liberties. Toc H and its ideals provided a great factor in the full appreciation of that freedom. Much of the girlhood of to-day was marred through lack of moral fibre. Rev H.E.E. Hayes, padre for Toc H, was present, and also spoke. The Age (Melb, Vic), Wed 1 Dec 1926 (p.13): TOC EMMA CONCERT A farewell concert was held last evening at the Returned Army Nurses’ Club, when the Toc Emma League of Women Helpers took the opportunity to say good-bye to Mrs H.E.E. Hayes, who is relinquishing her position as hon. general secretary. A purse of sovereigns was presented to Mrs Hayes by Miss G. Macgregor on behalf of the Toc Emmas. She pointed out that it was entirely due to Mrs Hayes’s efforts that the League of Woman Helpers was first established in Melbourne, and they sincerely regretted her retirement from office. Yesterday afternoon Mrs Hayes was presented with a scouts’ thanks badge by the Boy Scouts’ Association for having begun and carried on a scout cafeteria. Eulogistic references were made to her efforts. News (Adelaide, SA), Wed 2 Jan 1929 (p.10): TOC H LEADER RETURNS IMPRESSIONS FROM ABROAD Work for Returned Men http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/129194840 The Argus (Melb, Vic), Thur 15 Aug 1935 (p.11): MRS HAYES ISSUES WRIT FOR 1/- Alleges Libel by Newspaper A Supreme Court writ, claiming 1/- damages for libel alleged to have appeared in the newspaper “Truth,” of March 2 last, has been issued on behalf of Mrs Kathleen Hayes, of Mernda, wife of the Rev H.E. Hayes, who left Melbourne recently on a journey to England to recover his health, so that he might defend himself on a charge of heresy made against him in the Ecclesiastical Court of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. The writ was lodged yesterday by Mr Newton J. Francis, solicitor, of Little Collins street, Melbourne, and trial is requested before a judge, without a jury. The writ is directed to “Truth” and “Sportsman” Ltd., of Latrobe street. Mrs Hayes’s claim states that two statements in the issue of “Truth” were falsely and maliciously printed and published, so that the plaintiff has been greatly injured in her credit and reputation, and has been held up to hatred, ridicule, and contempt. The Age (Melb, Vic), Sat 26 Oct 1935 (p.20): CHURCH FOR PADRE HAYES MERNDA, Friday – During his absence from the district a building which in emergency can be used as a church has been erected on the Anglican vicarage property occupied by Padre H.E.E. Hayes. The property was bought at auction by Mrs Hayes last December. The building is provided with vestry and other rooms. Sunday Mail (Brisbane, Qld), Sun 27 Oct 1935 (p.2): PADRE’S WIFE TURNS LABOURER Mrs Hayes Builds Meeting House http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/97852185 The Argus (Melb,Vic), Wed 29 Jul 1953 (p.9): Ex-nurse stitches local flora A WORLD WAR 1 Army nurse has built up a successful native Australian needlework business in her converted cable-tram car “workroom” at Mernda. She is Mrs Kathleen Hayes, who developed a dual interest in sewing and collecting wildflowers when she was a small girl living at Half Moon Bay towards the end of the 19th century. At the time, with the train terminus at Brighton Beach, the area was mainly open country, and her favourite pastime was collecting wildflowers. When her husband, Padre Herbert Hayes retired 18 years ago through ill-health, Mrs Hayes decided to turn her interests into a paying proposition. ………………………………………. Mrs Hayes, who met her husband in Egypt when she was serving with the Queen Alexandra Imperial Nursing Service Reserve, is also a keen gardener and “bush carpenter.” ……………………… [Photo] http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/23258610 Notes: AWM have a file re her ARRC Also see this link to the AWM of many photos taken by her: https://www.awm.gov.au/search/all/?query=P10636&op=Search&format=list&section%5B%5D=collections Kathleen’s husband: 1935 – on trial: http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/12245675 1939 – worse than a pauper, living on his wife’s earnings from sewing & breeding dogs: http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/12098730 1952 – preaching to empty pews: http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/23155918 Her father’s Obit 1936: http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/204835221