• Ralph Arthur Hunt

Army / Flying Corps
  • 26th Australian Infantry Battalion
  • 7th Brigade
  • Private

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  • Enlistment - WW1

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  • Birth

    Milora, QLD, Australia

Stories and comments
    • AWM and NAA records by Gary Parsons researcher 26th Bn.
    • Posted by blackboycreek, Friday, 20 May 2016

    (N.A.A. – 23/06/17 Accidently wounded to hospital. 5th Aust Field Amb and then to 29th C.C.S. G.S.W. to abdomen. 26/06/17 Died of G.S.W. accidental 29th C.C.S. Buried Grevillers British Cemetery 1 ¼ miles west Bapaume Court of Inquiry held: Lieut George Timothy French 26th Bn – At about 11.45pm on night 23/24 june 1917, when sitting in the officers mess, I heard the report of a rifle. I in company with Major J A Robinson and Capt J E Herbert immediately went in the direction of the report and found a man lying wounded on the ground. I ascertained his name was Pte Hunt and that he was a runner. Pte William Fraser Pittendreigh 1655 26th Bn – At about midnight on 23/24th June 1917, I was awakened by a report which I thought to be a rifle shot. I was in shelter No 1 and the report seemed to come through my shelter or else between my shelter and the tent next door. I heard a man groaning outside about 4 to 8 yards from where I was sleeping. I called out “Who fired that shot”, but received no reply. I did not hear footsteps or anybody running or walking away. There were four other men in my shelter and they were all under the blankets apparently asleep the moment I awakened. Pte Gordon Bulkley Gavin 6188 26th Bn – At about 11.45pm on night 23/24th June 1917 I was on “Sentry Go” about 50 yards from the scene of the accident, when I heard what I took to be a revolver shot. I did not see anybody prowling about the lines. I was certain the shot was fired from “B” Coy lines somewhere in the vicinity of shelter 1. Capt Chaplan Skilton E – I saw Pte Hunt in ward 1 of the 29th C.C.S. on morning 24/06/17. He told me he was sent on a message but having forgotten part of the message he turned to go back again. At this moment he heard a report from a rifle and saw a flash which came from near some tent. He stated also that he fell to the ground wounded but had not the slightest idea who had fired the shot. Pte Hunt – I was proceeding on a message from B.O.A. to “B” Coy and was hit by a bullet. I saw what appeared to be a flash in front of me. It appeared to be near by. I was between two rows of tents in “B” Coy lines. Findings 1. That a rifle shot was fired from “B” Coy lines in the vicinity of N 1 shelter, and that this shot accounted for the death of Pte Hunt. 2. That the shot was not fired from any of the rifles belonging to the occupants of the shelters in the vicinity of where the shot was fired from. 3. That in all probability the shot was fired by some person prowling about the camp, but there is not evidence to give any clue as to the person who fired the shot.

    • AWM and NAA records by Gary Parsons researcher 26th Bn.
    • Posted by blackboycreek, Tuesday, 3 December 2019

    Roll of Honour Ralph Arthur Hunt Service number 5343 Rank Private Unit 26th Australian Infantry Battalion Service Australian Imperial Force Conflict/Operation First World War, 1914-1918 Conflict Eligibility Date First World War, 1914-1921 Date of Death 24 June 1917 Place of Death France Cause of Death Accidental (Injuries) Age at Death 25 Place of Association Harrisville, Queensland, Australia Cemetery or Memorial Details Grevillers British Cemetery, Grevillers, Picardie, France Source AWM145 Roll of Honour cards, 1914-1918 War, Army