• Daniel Thomas Minogue

Army / Flying Corps

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  • Birth

    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

  • Enlistment - WW1

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Stories and comments
    • The King Inspects Australians
    • Posted by blacksmith, Sunday, 18 November 2018

    “We had a big day last Wednesday,” writes Dan Minogue, Collingwood's captain, on 1/10/16. “We were inspected by the King. There were about 60,000 Australians present, all of the Third Australian Division. It was a grand sight, and took about two hours to pass him, marching 60 abreast. We have a football here, and P. Jory was over the other night to see me, when we kicked till we were tired, and then had a talk till 10 o'clock. We played many a game over again. Yesterday was a holiday for a big sports meeting among the units of the 3rd division. I represented the D.A.C. in the long jump and kicking the football. Got beat in both. We had three kicks, place, drop and punt. I kicked two goals, but another chap got three. I met Bill Orchard, from Geelong, and numerous other footballers. IIt was just like old times. All of them are looking well, but rather on the big side for football. I have just finished a heavy afternoon's washing, and I can assure you I will never in my life, when this job is finished, begrudge a washerwoman a fair day's pay after this. Was up in London last week, and saw the Zeppelin Raid. It looked just like a big silver cigar in the sky when .the searchlights were playing on it. The shells were bursting all around it. The people in London are not at all afraid. All they want is to see them brought down. I am on duty to day, and have just been down to see the mules were fed. We have about 150 of them to look after, and they are about the silliest things in the world. They can kick from anywhere, and can scratch their ears with their hind feet. A lot of the lads have been kicked by them. Heard yesterday that ‘Boney’ Daykin is not far from here. I believe he is coming to visit our camp this week. If so I shall see him. Best wishes to all the boys.” Winner, Wednesday 29 November, 1916.

    • Brave Footballers
    • Posted by blacksmith, Saturday, 24 November 2018

    Writing to Mr E. Copeland, secretary of the Collingwood Football Club, from somewhere in France at the end of February, Dan Minogue, late captain of the “Magpies,” says: - 'Having a few minutes to spare, I am seizing the opportunity of sending you a few lines. Have received no letters of late from you, although I have written twice. Well, it is still very cold here, but the frost has dried up the roads, so we have no mud to worry us. In looking through “The Winners” I got yesterday I notice letters from Jim Jackson and Doc. Seddon, and where they are. I am a good bit away from them, but I would give anything to meet them. Just fancy a man having the luck to meet Doc, Jim Jackson, Walter Raleigh, Harry Mathieson or Sam Mortimer. I believe I would get drunk. If we all get back for the 1918 season, we will have some team. I have not heard if you are going to play this year, but I think you should. Why, what good would it do to stop, because a few think you should sit at home and have no enjoyment at all? I met Leo Little (University F.C.) the other night. He looks well, and is a lieutenant now. One of the boys in his company said he is one of the gamest men going - led the way in all their raids. Hughie James has a commission also. I had to laugh at one sentence in Doc's letter, where he is supposed to have, said one chap had “deuced” hard luck. Doc must have turned religious, or he would never have used that word. News is scarce, so I will close with best wishes to yourself and all connected with the Club.”