• Dick Richard Palmer

Army / Flying Corps
  • 31st Australian Infantry Battalion
  • 47th Australian Infantry Battalion

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  • Enlistment - WW1

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  • Birth

    Toowoomba, QLD, Australia

Stories and comments
    • Bravery
    • Posted by Greenmount, Saturday, 20 July 2019

    https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C1221789 On 27 November 1916 he had been recommend for the Military Medal for unspecified gallantry at Guedecourt but died before it was approved. This medal is not awarded posthumously and therefore there is no record on his personal file and his family probably remained unaware of the recommendation.

    • Roll of Honour
    • Posted by Greenmount, Saturday, 20 July 2019

    Dick Richard Palmer Born: November 13, 1886 at Toowoomba. Dick was the fifth of of nine children born to Frank Edgar Palmer and Elizabeth Palmer (nee Beck). Children and year of birth: Francis Fanny (1879) but died in 1881 so next child born was also called Francis Fanny (1881) to be followed by: Thomas Kelsey (1883), Ann Maria (1884), Dick Richard (1886); John Edgar (1888), Harrison Frank (1890), Valentine Poole (1892), Florence Jemimima (1895). Date of enlistment: July 13, 1915 Date of embarkation: January 3, 1916. Date of fate: December 5, 1916. Location on the Roll of Honour at Australian War Memorial in Canberra: Dick Richard Palmer's name is located at panel 144 in the Commemorative Area at the Australian War Memorial. From Greenmount, Queensland which is near Toowoomba. Name: Private DICK RICHARD PALMER (Australian Infantry, A.I.F.) Number: 1738 Date of Death: Tuesday, December 5, 1916 Age: 30 Cemetery: FRANCE 833 - HEILLY STATION CEMETERY, MERICOURT-L'ABBE Site of grave: VI. D. 20. GPS Coordinates: Latitude 49. 94081 Longitude: 2. 54186 Information from Heilly Station Cemetery Entrance Building: This cemetery was used for hospital burials during the First Battle of the Somme and its aftermath, by Australian and New Zealand front line troops in the summer of 1918 and again for hospital burials in the autumn. It contains the graves of 2354 British, 7 Canadian, 7 Newfoundland, 401 Australian, 118 New Zealand, 1 Indian, 1 British West Indian and 83 German soldiers and airmen.

    • A couple of recorded moments.
    • Posted by Greenmount, Saturday, 10 August 2019

    In the absence of detailed recollections by his mother and siblings there is little to give some detail about Dick. It was clear that his family never got over his death. His mother, Elizabeth, spoke of Dick almost daily and particularly towards the end of her life (she died in 1944) she still grieved for him. Dick has lost his father when he was almost nine and he was to be an important role model to his younger siblings and a help to his mother in running the farm. His schooling was limited but still a priority. Some of his siblings recalled harsh treatment at the hands of a tyrant of a school teacher at the time. Although the Palmer children received a sound education the running of the almost self-sufficient farm was important. The three mile journey to school at Greenmount sharing horses was an experience that was repeated in the next generation of Palmer children on the farm. Some family details about his mother and family are included under the profiles of his brother (see Valentine Palmer link to the right under Relationships). Valentine (Bob) was to eventually take over the family farm in 1920 and a large colourised photo and a smaller black and white photo of Dick, his role model, confidant and teacher, were prominently displayed in the living room of the farmhouse. The brief information below is to point out that Dick was a active member of his community. From limited recall of comments by his brother (Valentine) he was "a fine fellow'. He worked for a time on the family farm in adulthood and was an excellent trainer of the work horses, including a couple of beloved draught horses. Dick was always involved with the harvesting of the grain crop. Around the start of the war he was working as a well borer near Dalby. Jubilee Exhibition of the Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland. ACTIVE FARM HORSES. The competition in the active farm was the best of the day, and both in the stallion; and mares some fine specimens of the breed entered the ring. Eight out of the eleven entries faced the music in the class stallions 3 yrs. And over. Mr. McDougall had some difficulty in arriving at a decision, for all breeds were paraded for his inspection. Eventually he declared in favour of D. R. Palmer’s (Greenmount) Young Paisley by Rob ex Bonny, whose bone carried him through. From: Darling Downs Gazette (Toowoomba), April 20, 1910, 5. In July 1911 he was appointed caretaker of the Greenmount Rifle Club. In March 1912 D. R. Palmer was off 15yds. in Local Handicap of, 120 yards of Greenmount Sports meeting.

    • Roll of Honour Name Projections
    • Posted by Greenmount, Sunday, 11 August 2019

    Roll of Honour Name Projections (See https://www.awm.gov.au/commemoration/honour-rolls/roll-honour-name-projections for details). Names of First World War soldiers will be projected onto the dome of the Australian War Memorial to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. From 4 August 2014 until November 2018, the names of each of the 62,000 Australians listed on the First World War Roll of Honour panels in the Memorial’s Commemorative Area will be projected onto the exterior of the Memorial building. Members of the public are invited to watch the projections taking place nightly at the Memorial. Names will be displayed from sunset to sunrise each night throughout the centenary period, 2014-18. Each name will appear around 15 to 20 times over the course of the four year period. The Memorial has developed an online method of estimating in which the general public can input a name, on the Memorial’s website and receive information on the anticipated time and date that a name will be displayed. The project is part of the Memorial’s extensive centenary program, which seeks to commemorate the service and sacrifice of Australians and to interpret their experience of the First World War, and its enduring impact on Australian society. Roll of Honour name projection – Dick Richard Palmer Dick Richard Palmer's name will be projected onto the exterior of the Hall of Memory on: • Tue 24 September 2019 at 9:23pm • Sun 22 December 2019 at 10:19pm • Thu 30 April 2020 at 9:28pm These dates and times are estimates. Please note that previous advised times on this site have recently been changed to ensure that early evening projections are clearly visible and not affected by twilight. The actual time of projection could also change as a result of weather and other factors, so it is advisable to check closer to the date. In the rare event of a temporary loss of electrical power, the names scheduled for display in that period will not appear until the next time listed.

    • Death Notices for D. R. Palmer
    • Posted by Greenmount, Friday, 16 August 2019

    --IN MEMORIAM PALMER.—In loving memory of our dear Son and Brother, Private D. R. Palmer, who died from illness, in France, on the 5th December, 1916. Greater love hath no man than this— That he lay down his life for his friend, Inserted by his sorrowing Mother, Brothers and Sisters. From: Toowoomba Chronicle, January 5, 1917, 4. Family Notices. --ROLL OF HONOR PALMER.—In loving memory of our dear Son and Brother, Private D. R. Palmer, 47 th Batattion, A.M.C., who died of illness in France, on the 5 th December, 1916. He’s ever a hero, our boy who died, For his Country, God and King. Inserted by his loving Mother, Sisters and Brothers From: Toowoomba Chronicle, December 5, 1917, 4. Family Notices Cemetery: FRANCE 833 - HEILLY STATION CEMETERY, MERICOURT-L'ABBE Site of grave: VI. D. 20. --On top of grave marker 1738 PRIVATE D. R. PALMER 47TH BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 5TH DECEMBER 1916 AGE 30 --On base of grave marker UNTIL THE DAY DAWN AND THE SHADOWS FLEE AWAY. Private D.R. Palmer initially served in the 31st Battalion before moving to the 47th Battalion.

    • Official War Record
    • Posted by Greenmount, Thursday, 22 August 2019

    Transcription from Official War Record for Private DICK RICHARD PALMER (Australian Infantry, A.I.F.) 1738 13/7/15 Enlisted as a member of the A.I.F. 3/1/16 Embarked for active service abroad per “Kyarra”. 31/1/16 Disembarked ex H. T. “Demosthenes” at Suez with 2nd Reniforcement, 31st Battalion. 2/4/16 Transferred to 47th Battalion on (Taken on strength) Allotted to and proceeded to join 47th Battalion [Zeitoun] 2/4/16 Joined 47th Battalion at Serapeum 2/6/16 Proceeded to join B.E.F. [British Expeditionary Force] at Alexandria 9/6/16 Disembarked [from “Caledonia” ] at Marseilles 10/8/16 Wounded in action, In the Field. 10/8/16 GSW [Gun Shot Wound] shoulder admitted from the Field {9/9/16 Next of kin (Elizabeth Barks) notified that he was wounded in action.} 12/8/16 GSW [Gun Shot Wound] shoulder admitted [3rd Staty. Hospital] Rouen 13/8/16 Transferred to Convalescent Depot [N0. 2 Convalescent Depot] at Rouen 19/9/16 Taken on strength from Hospital to Etaples 4/10/16 Marched out to unit to Etaples 5/10/16 Rejoined unit from hospital and went In the Field 30/11/16 Sick to hospital from the Field 30/11/16 P.U.O. [Pyrexia of Unknown Origin (medical term usually applied to Trench Fever)] admitted from the Field [to 1st Anzac Main Dressing Station] 1/12/16 P.U.O. admitted from the Field [at 36th Casualty Clearing Station] 5/12/16 Died of disease (Broncho-pneumonia) Ref DO50/5319 Buried at Heilly Station Cemetery 2 1/3 NNE of Corbie in France [interred at Sheet Albert 1/40000.J.13.b7.5] ANZAC SECTION 3rd ECHELON [No. 7616.]., G.H.Q., B.E.F. 18/12/16 Cable sent notifying of death. 17/7/17 Personal effects checked. 19/7/17 Package of effects returned on “Miltiades”. Personal effects: 2 Brushes, Prayer Book. Other effects: Disc [identification disc], Wallet, Nail Scissors, Badges 5, Regimental Colours, Cards. N.B. The transcription represents the best attempt at interpreting offical war records.

    Enlistment record
    • Queensland Government Birth and Death Records
    • Posted by Greenmount, Tuesday, 27 August 2019

    https://www.familyhistory.bdm.qld.gov.au/details/3ea713f47d57bb067e6f60bcfb3f485cf96970589808e79ce6deb0722036410d Birth registration: Richard Palmer Birth date: 21/11/1886 Mother's name: Elizabeth Beck Father/parent's name: Frank Edgar Palmer Registration details: 1887/C/2207 https://www.familyhistory.bdm.qld.gov.au/details/70620c8e5c6275c5222ca6e9e2350b32a4c51101cd7b3df4febeb9e50ffd0a9b Death registration: Richard Palmer Death date: 05/12/1916 Mother's name: Elizabeth Beck Father/parent's name: Frank Edgar Palmer Registration details: 1922/F/6810