• Frederick Pressey

Army / Flying Corps
  • 2nd Australian Division Signals Company
  • 26th Australian Infantry Battalion
  • 7th Brigade
  • Private

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  • Enlistment - WW1

    Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

  • Birth

    Yandaran, QLD, Australia

Stories and comments
    • The Men of "A" Company, 26th Battalion
    • Posted by jaydsydaus121, Saturday, 18 January 2020

    The Bundaberg Mail and Burnett Advertiser (Qld. : 1892 - 1917) Thu 8 Apr 1915 Page 2 EXPEDITIONARY FORCES. The following men have been despatched to Enoggera during the last fortnight: C. E. Duff, J. H. Thomas, W. Gerber, F. Pressey, J. Maguire, J. Ferguson, W. C. Smith, G. Hodges, J. Wakefield, F. Kelly, R. Goodfellow, J. J. Lennox, F. E. Andrews, H. Moore, G. J. Leaman, G. R Turnbull, J. Callinan. T. McKay, L. Ashton, W. Royan, R. E. Andersen, A. V. George, W. Carey, J. H. Simon, G. Timmins, W. T. Cresswell, .J. O'Neill, A. McDonald, J. H. McCallum. J. M. Harvey, C. R. Simpson, W. P. Moloney, G. S. Edwards, and F. Davis. This makes a total to date of 357 men from Bundaberg and district. Tuesday and Wednesday were rather busy days, a total of 21 men presenting themselves of whom 19 were accepted. Recruiting is carried on each day at 4.30 p.m. Intending volunteers should first pass doctor Schmidt at his surgery at 10.30 a.m., bringing the certificate to the Drill Hall at 4.30 p.m. for enlistment. The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Mon 14 Feb 1916 Page 8 SICK OR WOUNDED. A FURTHER BATCH. LEFT SUEZ ON JANUARY 21. Following is a list ot members of the Australian Imperial Force returning to Australia, who left Suez on January 21, 1916. The Defence authorities point out that the list is as cabled, and is open to correction on account of mutilations in cabling and other causes: SICK AND WOUNDED. 146, Pte. F. Pressey, 26th Btn. The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947) Mon 6 Mar 1916 Page 8 Returned Soldiers. TWO MORE PARTIES. Enthusiastic Welcomes. Hundreds of persons assembled about the Central railway station, on Saturday evening to greet a batch of sick and wounded heroes from Gallipoli. They were formally welcomed by the Hon. W. Lennon (Minister for Agriculture), on behalf of the Government. There also were present Brigadier-general Lee, D.S.O., Mrs. Lee, Lieutenant-Colonel Mclntosh, P.M.O., Major E. F. Darcy, .D .A . A . G. , Captain W. Buttner, Lieutenant R. Marcus, W. O. Breydon, G.S.M., W. O. Clark, The Mayor of Brisbane (Ald. J. W. Hetherington), Mr. T. J. Rothwell, J. B. Cochrane, Sub inspectors Carroll and O'Brien, Mesdames Hetherington (Mayoress of Brisbane), Lee, A. Sutton, W. T. Robertson, and Crowther (Red Cross Society), The guard of honour, numbering 200, was drawn from the new 42nd Battalion, which also supplied the band to play, "See the Conquering Hero Comes," and other welcome strains. Captain Heron was in command of the guard. When the railway engine steamed into the platform, exactly at 8.30, there was a great outburst of cheering and the military band burst forth in welcome. The boys in khaki soon jumped from the carriages, and formed a line preparatory to hearing short addresses from Mr. Lennon, and the Mayor of Brisbane. Mr. Lennon, said, on behalf of the Government of Queensland and the people, he desired to welcome the soldiers home. They all were satisfied that the homecoming warriors had done their share in the great war. He trusted they soon would be restored to health and vigour. In the days to come, they would look back with pride on the part they had taken in the war, and if they bore honourable scars, they could remember they were received in an honourable cause. He welcomed them again, officers and men, home to Queensland. (Applause.) The Mayor of Brisbane said that, on behalf of the citizens, he wished to thank the soldiers for their grand work in the war. Their honourable deeds had been watched by the people, who were justly proud to think they had sent forth such men to serve the King, the country, and the Empire. The women of Queensland had watched the work of the soldiers intently, had worked night and day on their behalf, and were present that night, ready to nurse them back to health. He hoped they soon would he restored to health, and had the greatest pleasure in welcoming them back. (Applause.) Captain McPherson, A.M.C., was in charge of the train, and the staff officer for invalids (Captain J, Tiddy) met the men at Ipswich. For the first time, the sick and wounded were accompanied by four V.A.D. men from Sydney. This new scheme provides one V.A.D. man to every ten invalids, and this useful body of men has been placed upon an official footing, as the Commonwealth Government has made each man a military reservist. The men belong to the New South Wales St. John Ambulance Brigade, and have assumed their present status in conformity with a scheme organised by the Red Cross Society in Sydney. The following is a list of the soldiers, who returned on Saturday evening : — Pte. F. Pressey, 26th Btn.