• Herbert Scanlon

Army / Flying Corps
  • 59th Australian Infantry Battalion
  • Private

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  • Victory Medal
  • 1914–1915 Star
  • British War Medal
  • Birth

    Korumburra, VIC, Australia

  • Enlistment - WW1

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

  • Admitted to auxiliary hospital for treatment of diphtheria, Abbassia, Cairo.

    Danash, El-Abaseya Sharkeya, Al Waili, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
    Tuesday, 14 December 1915

  • Joined 57th Battalion in Tel el Kebir, Egypt

    Al Salheya Road, At Tall Al Kabir, Ismailia, Egypt
    Wednesday, 23 February 1916

  • Embarked to join British Expeditionary Force at Kinfauns Castle, Alexandria, Egypt.

    Ahmed Zoayl Sq., Bab Sharqi WA Wabour Al Meyah, Qesm Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
    Wednesday, 28 June 1916

  • Disembarked in Marseilles, France.

    Thursday, 29 June 1916

Stories and comments
    • Tall stories
    • Posted by NAAadmin, Monday, 28 July 2014

    Seventeen-year-old Herbert Scanlon lied about his age, next-of-kin and name to enlist in the Australian Imperial Force in 1915 as Herbert Sanlon. In and out of auxiliary hospitals throughout his service, Scanlon was eventually discharged and sent home due to nephritis. Scanlon went on to write a number of books about life as a digger, somewhat exaggerated from his own experiences: he claims in a foreword of his book 'Recollections of a Soldier’s Life' that he wishes to highlight ‘how the good times [in war] easily outbalance the hard times’. It is difficult to determine how many young men under 18 enlisted with a false age. In some cases, their true age was not known until a parent wrote to the Commonwealth government after their death. A sense of adventure and invincibility drove underage boys to follow in the footsteps of older brothers and schoolmates to sign up. In Scanlon’s case, the ruse was thin: when he signed his name on his attestation paper he accidentally signed his correct name and had to cross out the offending ‘c’.

    • Herbert Scanlon
    • Posted by soumea1312, Saturday, 11 June 2016

    Herbert Scanlon, a young man fighting for the freedom and lives we all have now, lest we forget Australia, the country he fought for, is now as mulicultural as it can be, do we all appreciate what we learn in history class? Britian,(Australia) France, Russia and America (and others) the allies who served good. We contribute For those brave who lost their lives in order for us to live ours. Herbert Scanlon, we will remember you.