• Eleanor Rose Simpson

Army / Flying Corps
  • Australian Army Nursing Service
  • Sister
  • Staff Nurse

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  • 1914–1915 Star
  • British War Medal
  • Victory Medal
  • Birth

    Maryborough QLD 4650, Australia

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    • SIMPSON, Eleanor Rose (Simmie) – Sister, AANS
    • Posted by FrevFord, Saturday, 5 June 2021

    Eleanor was born on the 18th of September 1887 in Maryborough, Qld – the daughter of Frederick Godwin SIMPSON and Marienne Annette CORK, who married on the 17/3/1881 at Maryborough Frederick died 16/3/1910, Marienne died 1911 Qld Siblings: Frederick Eldred Godwin b.1882 Qld; George Morant b.1884 Qld – d.1940 Qld; Marienne Pearl b.1885 Qld – d.1887 Qld; Pauline Sybella b.1890 Qld – d.1954 Mosman, NSW (UM); *William Cork b.1893 Qld (Labourer) – Gnr 20876, 12th FAB – NOK sister Miss P Simpson of 140 Philip St, Sydney NOK: Uncle G. Morris Simpson of Stonehenge, NSW (this was her father’s older brother, George Morris Simpson (1840-1919) Religion: Church of England WW1 Service: She joined the Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) as a Staff Nurse on the 26/4/1915 and embarked 15/5/1915 on the RMS Mooltan with the 3rd Australian General Hospital (AGH) for England, arriving 27/6/1915 The 3rd AGH was then re-directed to Lemnos Island to cater to the casualties from the Gallipoli campaign. One of the ships transporting the staff of the hospital was the Huntsgreen (ex Derfflinger), and it’s most likey that Eleanor was on board this ship which was captained by her future husband, Lawrence Vernon James. They arrived in the harbour on the 5/8/1915. Admitted to the 3rd AGH, Mudros (Lemnos) 7/1/1916 with Pharyngitis Departed Lemnos on the 17/1/1916 on the Oxfordshire for Egypt Reported for duty 3rd AGH 23/1/1916 Egypt – returned to Unit 3rd AGH 1/2/1916 Admitted to hospital 2/4/1916 Sent to Convalescent Home 10/4/1916 – returned from Alexandria 17/4/1916 The 3rd AGH, Abbassia, was taken over by the 14th AGH in Sept 1916, enabling the 3rd AGH to transfer to England in the October Detached for duty with 3rd AGH, Brighton, England, from AANS 19/1/1917 Sick to Hospital from 3rd AGH, Brighton, 28/1/1917 Rejoined 3rd AGH, Brighton from hospital 9/2/1917 Detached for duty with 1st Australian Auxiliary Hospital (AAH), Harefield, 23/3/1917 Promoted to Sister 5/5/1917 Detached from duty with 1st AAH, Harefield, 8/12/1917 Resigned her appointment due to marriage 17/12/1917 Married Lawrence Vernon JAMES on the 17th of December 1917 at Kensington, England [Lawrence: Born 1880 Falmouth, Cornwall, the son of Charles Edwin (Paymaster-Royal Navy) and Annie Eizabeth. Sailor from 1898, aged 18. WW1: Civilian Captain, Merchant Marine, on the Huntsgreen – was awarded the DSC 31/5/1916: Citation: Took the place of H.M.S. “Hannibal” for the evacuation of Helles, and showed courageous and skillful handling of his ship.] Children (2): *Peter Vernon b.Dec Qtr 1918 Eastbourne, England (UK Navy, Salesman) – marr Dorothy Rosalyn – d.13/8/1997 Oberon *Patricia Rosemary Annette b.Jun Qtr 1923 Bromley, Kent, England (Welfare Worker, Hostess, Nurse) – married William George St Clair SMITH 1960 Chatswood, NSW Family living at Grayholme, Willow Grove, Chislehurst 1935 / Tahoma Lodge, Lubbock Rd, Chislehurst 1938 Lawrence retired in 1940 and he and Eleanor settled in Australia in 1949 Their children followed in 1950 on the Asturias Lawrence died on the 24/10/1952 at Cabramatta, Sydney, aged 72 (Retired Master Mariner) 1954 Electoral Roll: Eleanor Rose James resident 49 Alick Street, Cabramatta (also Patricia Rosemary Annette – Hostess) 1958 ER: Eleanor and Patricia (Nursing Sister) moved to 2 Bogata Ave, Cremorne Claimed Repat Aug 1959 NSW Following a long illness, Eleanor passed away peacefully at her home in Cremorne, Nth Sydney, NSW, on the 12th of December 1959, aged 72 She was cremated at the Northern Suburbs Crematorium on the 15th Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW), Sun 16 Dec 1917 (p.8): OFFICERS OF THE R.N.R Mercantile Marine Men Decorated In a recently-issued list of navy men decorated for gallantry, appear the names of several Orient line captains well known in Australia. Capt. L.V. James, formerly second-officer of the Orvieto, now in command of captured German merchantmen, has been awarded the D.S.C. for gallantry at the evacuation of the Dardanelles. ……………….. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW), Tue 1 Sept 1931 (p.11): Ships And Men Who Roam The Sea [Photo] Though Captain L.V. James, of the Orient liner Ormonde, disappointed some people on the voyage to Sydney, through no fault of his own, he managed to make the trip of others particularly pleasant. A heavy swell prevented him from dropping overboard the usual barrel of fresh food for the men on the telegraph station at Cocos Island. But to make the tour of a party of Canadian schoolteachers more enjoyable, he made an unusually long stay at Gibraltar to enable them to inspect the galleries of the forts. Captain James has had long service with the Orient Line. He joined it in 1908 as fourth officer of the old Ormuz, which held the record between Colombo and Fremantle for years. During the war he was commander of the Huntsgreen when she was carrying troops, and after the war he took command of the Osterley. Fond of boxing, the captain occasionally sees bouts while in the Australian ports. For his war services in command of hospital ships and transports at Gallipoli he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/246708596 The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld), Fri 4 Apr 1940 (p.4): Distinguished Orient Captain Retires [Photo] Advice has been received from the managers of the Orient line in London of the retirement, because of ill-health, of Captain L.V. James, D.S.C., who is known to many Australians. He visited Brisbane last as Commander of the Orsova. Captain James served four years’ apprenticeship (1898-1902) in the full rigged sailing ship G.W. Wolff, belonging to Lawther, Latta and Co., of Belfast, trading around Cape Horn to ports on the west coast of North and South America. In 1908, after gaining his master’s certificate, he joined the Orient Line as fourth officer of Ormuz. Later he was third officer in Orient and second officer in Osterley and Orvieto. In February, 1915, he took command of the ex-German Derfflinger, re-named Huntsgreen, which was seized in Egypt at the outbreak of the last war. Huntsgreen was managed by the Orient Line . Under Captain James her active service was so diverse and continuous, and in such dangerous areas that here survival was astonishing. She did a considerable amount of trooping in the Mediterranean and Aegean. Present at both the Gaba Tepe and Suvla Bay landings, she was under heavy fire. In the first crush of Gallipoli wounded she was pressed into service as a temporary hospital ship. In the evacuation of Gallipoli Huntsgreen was the last transport to leave Suvla Bay and carried 6000 men. Huntsgreen also carried Imperial, South African, and Indian troops to German East Africa; Imperial troops to Mesopotamia: German prisoners from German East Africa to Egypt, and, afte the Armistice, repatriated Indian troops from Egypt and elsewhere. Finally, she brought home, via Rotterdam, the first batch of 3000 British prisoners from Germany. One on occasion she towed the ex-German Feldmarschan (6180 tons) from Zanzibar to Durban – 1610 miles in nine days. It is estimated that during the war this steamer carried 132,500 officers and men, while more than 3,000,000 meals were served on board, exclusive of those supplied to her own officers and crew. Captain James received the Distinguished Service Cross in recognition of his good work in Huntsgreen at the landing at Gallipoli. In 1921 he took command of Osterley; since then he has commanded Ormuz, Orvieto, Ormonde, Otranto and Orama. https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/40875520 The Age (Melb, Vic), Tue 19 Jul 1949 (p.7): Ex-Orient Man to Settle Here A former Orient Line commander, Capt. L.V. James, arrived in Melbourne yesterday aboard the Orient liner Orcades. Captain James, who first went to sea in 1898 – the days of full-rigged sailing ships – retired in 1940. He and his wife intend to settle in Australia. His first commission with the Orient line was as fourth officer of the Ormuz in 1908. His first command was in the Osterley in 1921. Since then he has commanded both the Otranto and the Orama. Captain James, commenting on changes in passenger liners during his 42 years with the Orient line, said: “Things have altered altogether. Modern liners are becoming less and less like ships, and more like floating luxury hotels.” He was awarded the D.S.C. for the part he played at the landing at Gallipoli in 1915, when he commanded the Huntsgreen, formerly the German ship Derfflinger. Huntsgreen was the last ship to leave Suvla Bay, when she carried 6000 troops at the evacuation. Captain James again saw service in the Second World War, when he carried Canadian troops to England from Halifax, Nova Scotia, shortly after the outbreak of hostilities. The West Australian (Perth, WA), Sat 1 Nov 1952 (p.6): An Orient Line Captain Dies Capt. L.V. James, D.S.C., who was for many years a master of Orient Line vessels, died recently in Sydney. He began his sailing career at the age of 18 in Belfast in 1898 as an apprentice in a full-rigged sailing ship. In 1915, he took command of the former German vessel, Derflinger, which was re-named Huntsgreen and was managed by the Orient Line. As a troop ship, the Huntsgreen saw service in the Mediterranean and was the last transport to leave during the evacuation of Gallipoli. It was for this that he received the D.S.C. Capt. James retired in 1940 and came to live in Australia in 1949. He left a widow, a son and a daughter. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW), Mon 14 Dec 1959 (p.24): DEATHS JAMES, Eleanor Rose (Simmie), – (Australian Nursing Sister, 3 A.G.H., 1914-1918 War), December 12, 1959, passed away peacefully after a long illness at her home 2 Bogota Avenue, Cremorne, (nee Simpson), widow of Lawrence Vernon James, devoted mother-in-law of Rosalyn, dear grandma of Susan and sister of George Simpson. LEST WE FORGET. FUNERALS JAMES – The Funeral of the late Mrs ELEANOR ROSE JAMES, of 2 Bogota Avenue, Cremorne, will leave St Clement’s Church of England, Raglan Street, Mosman, Tomorrow (Tuesday) Morning after a service commencing at 11.15, for the Northern Suburbs Crematorium.