• Charles Harold Lilley

Army / Flying Corps

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  • Birth

    Armadale, VIC, Australia

  • Enlistment - WW1

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Stories and comments
    • Interesting Letters From Footballers
    • Posted by blacksmith, Sunday, 18 November 2018

    Writing from Salisbury Plain, England, in October, Charley Lilley, the well known Melbourne centre man (also of the Prahran cricket team), describes the life in camp and his meeting with other prominent sports from Melbourne. He says: -“We were granted, this morning off duty on account of inoculation yesterday. My arm is a bit stiff, but some of the boys are suffering. Took a walk over to the motor transport last night to see Jack Watt. He is a driver in that corps, and is looking well. There are two or three I know well with him. Have just heard with regret that George Challis and Hugh Plowman were killed in action. Around this camp area, there are Hughie James, Jack Brake, Bill Sewart, Carl Willis, Jack Watt, Percy Jory, Bruce Sloss, Alex. Fraser, Vic Cumberland, W. Burleigh, and Tom Wade, so, with the boys from South Australia, we could get a fair team together. I forgot to mention Dan Minogue, and there are others whom I have not met yet. I saw Ernie Cameron at headquarters the other day. Those offices are like our railway buildings, the number I met in them I am sure there at least a dozen of the boys from our office holding good positions here. Many thanks for the papers. They are grand, and we look forward to them.” Winner, Wednesday 29 November, 1916.