• Herbert Milne Longmore

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  • Enlistment - WW1

    Perth WA, Australia

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    Gundagai, NSW, Australia

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    • Ancestry and Genealogy of Herbert George Milne Longmore who was killed at Gallipoli on 1 August, 1915.
    • Posted by Mapping our Anzacs story, Thursday, 21 November 2013

    Researched by Marcia McIntyreThe True Family of Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, United KingdomLine of Descent of Herbert George Milne LongmoreGreat-great-great-great-great-great grandfather Thomas True, born on or before 1623, signed the Protestation Returns (an oath to live and die for the true Protestant religion) at Market Deeping in 1641, signed by all men aged 18 years and over. A copy has been obtained of the Will of Thomas True the elder, a dyer of Market Deeping dated 1663 Almost indecipherable! The Will mentions his sons, Richard and Thomas, and the wife of Thomas Jnr. - Ales or Alice, and also the daughter of Thomas Snr. Margaret Hokes.Great-great-great-great-great grandparents - Richard and Ann True, raising a family at Market Deeping from at least 1662 (Richard without a doubt a son of Thomas True and Ann could be the daughter of Ambrose Bird of Market Deeping).Great-great-great-great grandparents - Ambrose True, baptised 28 January, 1665 at Market Deeping. Married Dorothy Walton on 5 May, 1704. Ambrose died before 1754. Dorothy, a widow, buried 8 October, 1754.Great-great-great grandparents - Thomas True, born circa 1709 at Market Deeping. Married Mary Hardwick on 10 June, 1733. Thomas buried 19 January, 1785. Mary buried 26 March, 1774.Great-great grandparents Ambrose True, baptised 2 May, 1741 at Market Deeping. Married Martha Pickering on 8 April, 1766. Ambrose buried 1795. Martha buried 1785.Great grandparents - Ambrose True, baptised 2 September, 1778 at Market Deeping. Married Elizabeth Bingham on 20 September, 1803. Ambrose died 11 August, 1842. Elizabeth died 16 April, 1849.Grandparents Samuel Pickering True, baptised 7 April, 1815 at Market Deeping. Married Mary Ann Luff (born 1824 at Stamford, Lincolnshire, daughter of George Luff and his first wife, Susanna/Hannah/Anna Roberts) at Stamford on 16 August, 1847. Immigrated to Australia on board the John Bright in 1849, arriving in Sydney, settled at Gundagai, New South Wales, in that year where their 10 children were born. Samuel a stonemason, died at Gundagai on 22 May, 1894, aged 79 years. Mary Ann nee Luff died at Gundagai on 6 January, 1884, aged 59 years.Herbert George Milne Longmore (known as Bert) was the maternal grandson of Samuel Pickering True, and his wife Mary Ann, nee Luff. At the time of the 1841 Census, Samuel True was living in Oxfordshire. The details are as follows:Registration District: Oxford. Civil Parish: St Mary Magdelen Municipal Borough: Oxford. Address: Friars Entry, St Mary Magdalen, Oxford. Samuel True, male, aged 27 years, birth year: 1814, occupation: stonemason. Not born in county.1The head of the household where Sam was living in 1841 was William Couling, who was also a stonemason. Perhaps William was Sams employer? Sam was a boarder in the Couling household.Samuel married Mary Ann Luff at St. Georges Church, Stamford, Lincolnshire on 16 August, 18472.Below: Lincolnshire Chronicle, 20 August, 1847MARRIED At St Georges, Stamford, on Monday last, Samuel True, mason, to Mary Ann LuffMary Anns father was George Luff (occupation: blacksmith, labourer, gas man or gas fitter) and her mother was Susannah (also known as Hannah or Anna) Luff (nee Roberts). Mary Ann Luff was baptised at St. Georges, Stamford, on 13 September, 1824. Her fathers occupation at that time was given as labourer.Samuel and Mary Anne True arrived as free immigrants in the colony of New South Wales on board the 'John Bright' on 17 June, 18493. The shipping record states:Samuel TrueAged 34 years.Calling: Mason.Native Place or County: Market Deering (should be Deeping) Lincolnshire.Father: Ambrose.Mother: Elizabeth.Mother lives at Market Deeping.Religion: C of E.Can Read and Write.Relatives in Colony: None.Health: Good.Complaints about voyage: None.Mary Anne TrueAged 24 years.Calling: DressmakerNative Place or County: Stamford, Lincolnshire.Father: George Lough.Mother: Anna Lough. (Susannah/Hannah/Anna)Father lives at Oakham, Rutlands.Religion: C of E.Can Read and Write.Relatives in Colony: An uncle, William Lough, Murrumbidgee.Health: Good.Complaints about Voyage: None.(Obviously the surname Lough should be Luff. A transcription mistake by whoever recorded the original shipping records. The clerk probably had to deal with the Lincolnshire accent, and discrepancies in spelling the name Luff, before spelling was standardised).Samuel and Mary Ann travelled to Gundagai, where William Luff, Mary Anns uncle (a brother to George Luff) was living at Gobarralong, north of Gundagai. William Luff was an ex-convict. William and an accomplice were convicted of robbing the White Hart Inn at Ketton, Rutlandshire (a few kilometres from Stamford, Lincolnshire) in 1815. William was found guilty and transported to the colony of NSW on board the Ocean, arriving 10 January, 1818. William Luff drowned during the disastrous Gundagai flood in 1852.George Luff, baptised 1 January, 1792, at St. Johns Stamford(great-grandfather of Herbert Bert George Milne Longmore) and his brother William Luff, baptised 16 April, 1795 (the Ocean convict). George and Williams parents were Thomas and Ann Luff, who also had two daughters, Ann and Martha. Mary Ann and Samuel Pickering True settled in Gundagai where their 10 children were born - two other male children died in infancy, (as stated on their death certificates) possibly at least one child died before Samuel and Mary Ann arrived in Australia? (As they were married in 1847 and did not arrive in the colony until 1849 and their first known child was born at Gundagai in 1850, this meant that there was three years between marriage and the birth of the first child, which was unusual in those days, so a child could have been born then died, sometime in 1847-1849).Samuel was a stonemason and built many early Gundagai buildings. Samuel and Mary Ann survived the disastrous flood at Gundagai which swept through the old town on the river bank on the night of 25 June, 1852. Mary Anns uncle, William Luff, a squatter of Gobarralong, drowned in the flood.Included in a list of persons who survived the flood, compiled by Edger Beckham, the Commissioner of Crown Lands at that time, was Samuel True, wife and two children.Sam True was also listed in an inventory (compiled by Commissioner Beckham) of landed property, and goods and chattels, destroyed, damaged, or swept away the night of the flood. Dwelling and fences to the value of £15 and household and store goods to the value £10 were lost by Sam. The 1852 flood which took Mary Anns uncles life, happened just three years after the True family arrived in the colony.Mary Ann True nee Luff died at Gundagai on 6 January, 1884, aged 59 years. Her death certificate says that her children were 6 males and 3 females living in 1884 (with no names recorded) and 2 males and 2 females deceased (no names recorded).Samuel Pickering True died at Gundagai on 22 May, 1894, aged 79 years. His death certificate says that his children were 6 males and 3 females living in 1894 with all their names recorded and 1 male and 1 female deceased (no names recorded).No obituaries have been found in the Gundagai Times newspaper for either of Samuel and Mary Ann Trues deaths in 1884 and 1894, as unfortunately the editions for the period when they both died are missing.The following is from the Sydney Morning Herald:"Samuel True and John Clarke, two of the oldest residents died this week" 4Children of Samuel and Mary Ann TrueAll the children were born and baptised at Gundagai. It is interesting to note the naming pattern of the children. The eldest two boys were named after their paternal and maternal grandfathers. The eldest two girls named after their paternal and maternal grandmothers. The third boy named after his father, the next three boys named after uncles, the youngest girl named after her mother (it is not known at this stage who Emma is named after).Ambrose Charles True, born 1850 (baptised 20 October, 1850 C of E)George William True, born 1852 (baptised 13 April, 1855 C of E)Elizabeth True, born 1855 (baptised 13 April, 1855 C of E)Hannah Maria True, born 1856 (baptised 7 December, 1856 C of E)Samuel Pickering True Jnr, born 1858 (baptised 11 April, 1858 C of E)Emma True, born 1859 (baptised 6 February, 1860 C of E)Thomas Pickering True, born 1861 (baptised 3 April 1866 C of E)Robert Pickering True, born 1863 (baptised 3 April 1866 C of E)Edward Pickering True, born 1865 (maternal grandfather of Marcia McIntyre) (baptised 3 April 1866 C of E)Mary Ann (May or Marion) True, born 1867 (no baptism found).The sixth child of Samuel and Mary Ann was Emma True Born Gundagai, NSW on 7 December, 1859. On 11 June, 1881 at St Johns Church, Gundagai, Emma married Andrew Longmore Jnr who was living at Brungle, between Gundagai and Tumut, at the time of the marriage. The witnesses to the marriage were Robert French5 and Marion (Mary Ann or May) True, sister to Emma. Andrew Longmore was working as an overseer for the French family of Brungle in 1881.Andrew Longmore Jnr was the son of Andrew Longmore Snr (1821-1905) and his wife, Mary Grant. Andrew Longmore Jnr was born in Banff, Scotland and baptised at Banff on 28 April, 1857.6The Argus (Melbourne) Monday 20 August 1883:"Death, on the 16th Inst., at Melbourne, suddenly, Mary Grant, wife of Andrew Longmore, late of Baldavia, Banff, Scotland, aged 59.Emma Longmore nee TrueAndrew Jnr and Emma Longmore nee True had four sons:Herbert George Milne Longmore, born Gundagai 6 April, 1882. Herbert (Bert) was a Corporal in the 11th Battalion (promoted 2 January, 1915). He was appointed Lance-Sergeant on 11 July, 1915. Killed in action at Gallipoli on 1 August, 1915. Buried at Gallipoli 22 Shell Green Cemetery, Memorial Panel 63. His next of kin was recorded as Emma Longmore (mother) of Cnr South and Pearce Streets, Beaconsfield, Western Australia. Emmas address when Bert enlisted on 15 November, 1914 was 8 Federal Street, Subiaco, Western Australia. Berts name is on the WWI Cenotaph at Gundagai, possibly submitted by his aunt, Mary Ann (known as May or Marion) Brooke nee True, of South Gundagai. Bert Longmore is mentioned as a member of the prospecting party hired by T.F. Whitford to mine for gold at the Whitford Reward gold reef in Western Australia in 1906. Berts uncle, Robert Pickering True, was also in the prospecting party.7 Robert Pickering True was born in Gundagai in 1863. He died in 1906, aged 43 years, of a sudden heart attack, whilst prospecting for gold in the remote Western Australian desert. His grave has a headstone, believed to be the most remote grave in Australia which has a headstone (although it is wrongly inscribed Robert Irve). The grave is on remote Lake Wells Station in the Ulrich Range, (formerly Gregory Hills or the Mueller Range) in Western Australia.1901 and 1906 Electoral Rolls District: Coolgardie, Sub-District: Southern Cross.Longmore, Herbert, Gilgai, Labourer.1901 Electoral Roll District: Coolgardie, Sub-District: Duketon.Longmore, Herbert Milne, Mulga Queen, Mine Employee.LONGMORE, Lance Serjeant, HERBERT GEORGE MILNE, 1373. 11th Bn. Australian Infantry, A.I.F. Killed in action 1st August 1915. Son of Andrew and Emma Longmore, of Corner of South and Pearse Streets, Beaconsfield, Western Australia. Native of Gundagai, New South Wales. II. G. 49.8Cyril and Bert Longmore, 1914. Photograph found on the website www.pictureaustralia.orgI am assuming that Bert travelled to Western Australia, on his own, and at such a young age, possibly to find work, but also because his maternal uncle, Robert Pickering True, was also in the state and he would have went to W.A. to join his uncle. Bert and his uncle both worked as miners and prospectors. As far as is known, Berts parents Emma and Andrew and his brother Cyril did not arrive in Western Australia until after 1903.Andrew Wallace Longmore, born Gundagai 1884. Died 24 July 1886 at Clifton Hill, Victoria. Buried Melbourne Cemetery.Harold Ambrose Longmore, born 1886 at Clifton Hill, Victoria. Died 17 January, 1887 at Clifton Hill. Buried Melbourne Cemetery. Cyril Longmoreborn 8 November, 1887 at Clifton Hill, Victoria. Soldier, author, military historian, journalist and newsagent. Cyril married Gertrude Margaret Boland on 15 July, 1912 at Coolgardie, Western Australia. Gertrudes occupation was: bookkeeper. Cyril Longmore Snr had an illustrious army career in World War I, rising to the rank of Captain. He joined the Australian Army on 11 November, 1909. When World War I broke out, he became an army instructor in Western Australia. After permanent service of six years, he was appointed a second Lieutenant on 23 March, 1916 and left Australia for overseas service on the Suevic on 6 June, 1916 with the 44th Battalion. He fought on the battlefields of France. On 15 May, 1917, Cyril was promoted to Captain. He was awarded the Order De Leopold - Chevalier, conferred by the King of Belgium. He also received the Belgian Croix de Guerre in 1919.An explanation on where the term digger (meaning Aussie soldier) originated Quoted from Wikipedia entry for Digger (soldier) note Terms of use:There are numerous theories about the origin of the term. Before World War I, the term digger was widely used in Australasia to mean a miner, and referring to a Kauri gum-digger in New Zealand.Renowned soldier and military historian, Captain Cyril Longmore, 44th Battalion AIF, first recorded the Australian troops doing trench digging practice on Salisbury Plain prior to embarking to Turkey and being called diggers by their mates as the origin of the term.9SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 11 MARCH. 1918 Captain Cyril Longmore, Australian Infantry. Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General).After the war, Cyril was the editor of the Western Mail newspaper in Perth. He wrote several military histories that are now out of print but are available at the West Australian State Library.Cyril was an old friend of Prime Minister John Curtin and papers relating to Cyril Longmore can be found at the Battye Library, Perth, W.A., dealing with World War I records of messages, orders, letters, reports, photographs in Gallipoli, Belgium and France; World War II papers, including reports from the North-West on the bombing of Broome (1942) and training of Aboriginal guerillas, confidential war news dispatched to the Department of Information (1942), correspondence with John Curtin regarding 1943 election and use of Aborigines for war duties; newspaper cuttings including articles on Coolgardie gold prospecting; notes, accounts, correspondence, photographs of Third State Prospecting Party (1923).SERVICES COMMENTATOR - Department of Information, Melbourne, Monday.Mr, Cyril Longmore, editor of the Western Mail, Perth, and a prominent figure in West Australian journalism, has been appointed Services Commentator to the Department of Information.This was announced to-night by the Minister for Information (Senator H. S. Foil), who said that the Departments present commentator, Major S. H. Jackson, was desirous of returning to Sydney to take up a military appointment.Mr.Longmore, whose appointment was recommended by Dr. C. E. W. Bean, served in the last war with the 44th Battalion, and attained the rank of captain. Since then he has been actively connected with Australian journalism, and has written extensively on military subjects, of which he is a close student.Since the outbreak of the present war, Mr. Longmorehas been associated in an honorary capacity with many Service activities, and has been honorary organising for R.A.A.F. recruiting in Western Australia. As Services Commentator, he will act as the Department of Informations official liaison officer with the chiefs of the fighting services and with the services generally.10Cyril Longmore died 22 September, 1964, aged 77 years. His wife Gertrude Longmore nee Boland died 24 October, 1963, aged 77 years.Obituary, Cyril Longmore Melbourne Age, Wednesday, 23/9/1964Death of a Journalist Perth Mr Cyril Longmore, aged 77 years, a former editor of the Western Mail and secretary of the W.A. District of the Australian Journalists Association, died at the Hollywood Hospital yesterday. Mr Longmore, who was awarded the Order of Leopold and the Croix de Guerre as an Australian officer during WWI, was president of the Perth branch of the RSL and a member of the state executive of the RSL during the 1920s. He is survived by one son (Wilfred).Obituary, The West Australian 23/9/1964, Page 22.Journalist, RSL man dies at 77 Perth Mr Cyril Longmore, former editor of the Western Mail and secretary of the W.A. District of the Australian Journalists Association, died at Hollywood Hospital yesterday. Mr Longmore was awarded the Order of Leopold and the Croix de Guerre, as an Australian officer during the Great War, and was president of the Perth branch of the RSL and member of the state executive for some years. He joined the editorial staff of the Western Australian in 1931 and was later transferred to the Western Mail of which he was editor in 1940. He was appointed service commentator of the Department of Information in Melbourne. He was the state Secretary of the Australian Journalists Association from 1956 to 1962 and was awarded the gold honour badge, the associations highest award in 1960. Mr Longmore will be buried privately. He left one son.Death Notice:On September, 22nd at Repatriation Hospital, Hollywood, Cyril Longmore of Pantsie Crescent, Maylands, beloved husband of Gertrude (deceased), father of Cyril, Margaret, Phil and Dorothy (all deceased) and Wilfred. A tribute to the memory of Syd, a wonderful former secretary of the Australian Journalists Association of the W.A. District.Funeral of the late Cyril Longmore, formerly 44th Battalion, 1st AIF, will take place privately at the Catholic Cemetery, Karrakatta, this Wednesday afternoon.1925 Electoral Roll Western Australia. District: Perth Sub-District: SubiacoLongmore, Cyril, 34 Nicholson Road, NewsagentLongmore, Gertrude Margaret, 34 Nicholson Road, Home DutiesLongmore, Emma, 8 Federal Street, Home Duties1936 Electoral Roll Western Australia. District: Perth Sub-District: SubiacoLongmore,Cyril, 34 Nicholson Road, NewsagentLongmore,Gertrude Margaret, 34 Nicholson Road, Home DutiesLongmore, Cyril Herbert, 34 Nicholson Road, ChemistWhen Emma Longmore (nee True) left Gundagai with her husband, she lived at Clifton Hill, Victoria where her younger sons, Harold and Cyril, were born. After 1906 and before 1914 Andrew and Emma went to live in Perth, Western Australia with their two surviving sons, Cyril and Herbert. Sometime after that, it is believed that Andrew and Emma separated. Andrew and Emma are recorded on the 1903 Electoral Roll in Victoria, but neither of them is recorded in Victoria after 1903 or Western Australia in the 1906 Roll. I assume they were still in Victoria in 1906. Andrews death has not yet been found.The eldest son of Andrew and Emma, Herbert George Milne Bert Longmore is recorded on the 1901 and 1906 West Australia Roll, so it assumed that sometime after 1906 and before 191411, Emma, Andrew and Cyril went to live in Western Australia, possibly because Bert was already in that state.1903 Electoral Roll Victoria. District: Bourke Sub-District: Clifton-Fitzroy.Longmore, Andrew, 26 (or 36?) Tait Street, North Fitzroy, Ganger.Longmore, Emma, 26 (or 36?) Tait Street, North Fitzroy, Home Duties.It is believed that Emma ran a boarding house at Kalgoorlie, W.A. for a time12. Emma also worked as a milliner and made beautiful hats. Her niece, Emma Payne (nee True) of Corowa, NSW, can remember when she was a little girl, Auntie Emma Longmore sending her and her sisters a parcel in the mail containing beautifully dressed dolls, one each for the girls. One of the dolls was broken when it was received and Emma Payne can remember ending up with the broken doll!Emma Longmore died 5 October, 1942 and is buried in the Anglican section No. LB at Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth13From www.findmypast.com RG number: HO107. Piece: 891. Book/folio: 12/8. Page 8.Details from Samuel and Mary Anns marriage certificate, a copy held by Marcia McIntyreNSW State Records Office Reel No. 2459Sydney Morning Herald 26 April, 1894, News from Gundagai. Taken from the RJE Gormly Index at Gundagai Library. The NSW Federation Index, 1889-1918 for BMDs shows that John Clarke died in Gundagai in 1894 (Ref. No. 6164). His parents were unknown.Robert Daniel French, born Brungle on 3 February, 1859, the son of William Mengis French and Emma nee Haydon. William Mengis French was born in Lanark, Scotland in 1833. He arrived in the Colony of NSW with his parents, Daniel and Isabella French and his brother, Daniel Jnr. on board the Argylshire on 12 November, 1840. From research notes on the French family, compiled by present day Robert French, lodged in the family history section of Tumut Library.Details from the IGI at www.familysearch.orgPage 388, More Lonely Graves in Western Australia by Yvonne and Kevin Coate (published Perth, W.A. in 2000).From the website www.anzac.comen.wikipedia.orgThe Canberra Times, Tuesday, 21 January, 1941.Emma Longmore with an address in Western Australia was listed as next-of-kin for Cyril and Bert in the 1914-1918 War.Information provided by Brian and Karen Longmore of Victoria. Brian is a son of Dr Philip Longmore and a grandson of Cyril and Gertrude Longmore.Record of burial/headstones in Western Australian metropolitan cemeteries at the website - www.mcb.wa.gov.au