• Frank Reid

Army / Flying Corps
  • 3rd Australian Camel Battalion

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  • Birth

    Bowen, Queensland, Australia

  • Enlistment - WW1

    Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia

Stories and comments
    • The Fighting Cameliers The Exploits of the Imperial Camel Corps in the Desert and Palestine Campaign of the Great War
    • Posted by WarrenClarke52, Tuesday, 23 May 2017

    Author:Frank Reid This is an easy to read account of the exploits of an unusual form of mounted corps; the Imperial Camel Corps during the Palestine Theater of Operation in World War 1 in the main from an Australian perspective. The book lists the hardships endured by the Australian Camel corps, as they fought Turkish and German forces from the Sinai and Palestine in 1916, to the eventual disbandment of Camel Corps in early 1918 on the road to Damascus. Sometimes there are stark reminders in the book of the causalities of war as man and beast are crippled and sometimes killed, however there are lighter moments liberally sprinkled in the mix to keep the reader from becoming despondent. The book is a must for those who have an interest in the military history particularly of that region of the world who would marvel at the ingenuity of these harden men, many whom had served at the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915. There are also brief accounts of the fine fighting qualities of New Zealand and British troops as well, and the mutual respect each had for one another. Even the respect of the fighting qualities of the Turkish troops is mentioned especially at the sight of a Turk wearing the Gallipoli medal, as the Australian would testify has a hard and brutal campaign. Review by David M. Coleman