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    Goulburn, NSW, Australia

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    • ANDREWS, Jessie Mary (Brownie) Busby
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    Jessie was born 13/1/1893 in Goulburn, NSW – the daughter of Henry Percy ANDREWS & Florence Ada PIDDINGTON. Married in Tamworth 12/9/1891, Florence petitioned for a divorce in Sept 1912, alleging drunkenness & cruelty & neglect of support – granted March 1913. Florence, born in Sydney in 1869 – died at Chatswood in 1946 Henry died before 1939 Siblings (3): 1. Geoffrey Holman b.1895 Goulburn – Pte 6412, 3rd Bn, 25/2/16-5/4/18 – marr Estelle Oxnard-Smith 30/3/1939 – died 17/10/1952 Chatswood; 2. Robert Holman b.6/7/1899 Mosman – WW1: Gnr 37373, 2nd TMB, 18/1/17-4/7/19; – Manager of the Bank of Australasia (Mackay), marr Margaret KNOWLES 17/1/1939 – WW2: Sqd Leader 261913, RAAF (NOK, Margaret) – d.1964 Goulburn 3. Patrick Holman b. 1901 Mosman – d.1971 St Leonards. Member ATNA Dec 1916 Public Health Dept, Coast Hospital, Sydney, NSW WW1: Jessie embarked from NSW on the A33 Ayreshire 15/9/1917, and disembarked Suez 27/10/1917 She joined the 27th General Hospital at Abbassia 28/10/1917 Spent from 25/3 – 31/3/1918 in the BRC Convalescent Home, Alexandria Transferred to the 31st General Hospital, Abbassia 22/6/1918 for duty – then admitted as a patient 31/8 – 6/9/1918, and again 10/12 – 15/12, and 17/12 – 27/12/1918 Returned to the 27th Gen Hosp 28/12/1918 Resigned appointment 8/3/1919 due to marriage Married Capt Gerald Gustave MASSON (MID), 9th LH 8/3/1919 at St George’s Cathedral, Jerusalem After their marriage they remained in the Middle East as Gerald had been appointed Inspector of Agriculture (Dept-Asst Administ to complete establishment) with the Occupied Enemy Territory Administration, HQ, Jerusalem – 13/1/1919. On the 1/7/1920, when the 1st Civil Government was formed under Lord Samuel, the first High Commissioner to Palestine – he then became a member of the Palestine Civil Service. [Address: C/- The Governate, Haifa, Palestine.] Children: * Josephine Jean Busby b.c1921 Mount Carmel, Palestine. WW2, British VAD & Red Cross – marr Capt David Wynne LLOYD-THOMAS (RE) * Edith Geraldine born 23/11/1924 Palestine. Enlisted in the WRAN (WR/999) 7/4/1943 – discharged 25/2/1946 a Leading SBA on HMAS Rushcutter – marr TWOMEY * Robin b.1/6/1933 Lynton Private Hosp, Nth Sydney – marr RICHARDS Returned to Australia for a visit in 1922 and 1933 Gerald & Jessie, with their 2 children Jean (8) & Edith (4), traveled to London in July 1929 on the Chitral – where they stayed in the New Mansions Hotel in Hyde Park. Gerald again traveled to London on the Chitral in July 1936 – this time by himself. Jessie returned to Australia 24/8/1941, and was staying in Mosman, NSW. In a letter in the November, applying for a Returned Service Badge, she stated she had been working in a voluntary capacity with the Imperial Military in Jerusalem for 12 months, and had intentions of doing the same with another unit on her return. In a letter dated 18/1/1944, Gerald stated he had ‘just lately returned to Australia after 29 years abroad, 24 of which were spent in Palestine with the Government.’ [address: Lindfield, NSW] He was applying for a replica Returned Soldiers Badge, as his, along with his discharge papers had been lost through enemy action when Tel Aviv was bombed. 1944, 1949, 1954 ERs – resident 10 Francis St, Lindfield, NSW 1963 ER – 20 Laurel Grove, Blackburn, Vic Jessie died suddenly 27/11/1964 at Southampton, England Buried in the Sherfield English Parish Churchyard, Hampshire, England Gerald was born 14/4/1888 in Nairne, SA, son of Emile Stephen MASSON (school teacher) & Sarah Emela GODFREY – who married in Adelaide in 1887 Educated – Prince Alfred College and Roseworthy Agricultural College (diploma 1911) Occupation – Farmer Knowledge of Foreign language: German WW1: Gerald had enlisted in the AIF 9/9/1914 – Pte 151, 9th LH, A Sqd, and had embarked on the A26 Armadale 12/2/1915. Mentioned in General Sir E. Allenby’s Despatches of 3rd April 1918 Recommendation for Romanian Croix de Virtute Militara, First Class – 27/4/1918 On 8/12/17 he was acting Troop Leader. His troop was right flank troop of the advance guard, when the enemy was encountered at or near TEL ABU DILAK and the Regiment came into action. The enemy tried to turn our flank; Sergeant MASSON by the very able handling of his Troop was able to bring fire to bear on the enemy and on any ground over which he could approach. This N.C.O. also did splendid work at HUT on the same day and again at BIR KUSIE on 12/11/17. The Register (Adelaide, SA), Tue 2 Jul 1918 (p.5): War in the Holy Land Lieut G.G. Masson, of the light horse, writing from Palestine to relatives in Adelaide, states: - “We have been on the trek from one side of Judea to the other, and have got right away from the fertile coast places to the other side of a range, climbing 4,000 ft. over a rugged and dangerous road. We are camped under the Mount of Temptation, a sheer stone height of about 1,500 ft. where Christ fasted. Built into the side is the Monastery of the Temptation, inhabited by Greek or Russian monks. Modern Jericho is a mile distant (just the ordinary Eastern village), the ruins of Old Testament Jericho are half a mile away. The Jordan is four miles off, and the Dead sea about six miles. I am going down the Jordan on patrol duty, and to map out the country. Its valley is between the Judean hills and a range held by the Turks, away beyond which is the Arabian desert…. Passing through Jerusalem I saw the Garden of Gethsemane, the Mosque of Omar, Golgotha, the Mount of Olives, and the Tomb. The Dead Sea is very salt and buoyant, except at the end, where the Jordan enters it; so much so that a motor patrol boat drawing 3½ ft. at the one end only shows a draught of 1½ ft. at the other! Between here and Jerusalem is a wonderful gorge, at the bottom of which is a temple and monastery almost inaccessible. The road from Jerusalem is a caution, and the ride in a motor lorry a nerve-racking experience. We are 1,200 ft. below sea level, and the weather is hot, though in the hills the air is beautiful. Malaria, mosquitoes, and flies are plentiful on the plains, and unless sanitation is strict, there must be a good deal of sickness…. Half-hour saddle up, leaving for fight!” Since writing the above, dated 24/4, Second-Lieut Masson, who left Australia early in 1915, and was wounded at Lone Pine on Gallipoli, has again been wounded, but latest cable states that he has so far recovered as to be able to return to duty. Observer (Adelaide, SA), Sat 7 Dec 1918 (p.38): Personal Notes Mr E.S. Masson, of Park terrace, Eastwood, has been notified by the military authorities that his son, Lieut G.G. Masson (an Anzac), was mentioned by Gen Sir E.H. Allenby in despatches (London Gazette, June 14, and Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, November 7) “for distinguished and gallant services and devotion to duty.” Lieut Masson was also the recipient of a congratulatory letter from the general on the occasion of receiving his commission. The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA), Sat 15 Mar 1919 (p.11): ROSEWORTHY COLLEGE ROLL OF HONOR UNVEILED ………………………………………………………………….. In Palestine, under the occupied enemy territory administration, Captain G.G. Masson, who gained the college diploma in 1911, has been given the position of agricultural inspector of Southern Palestine, and he anticipates that when the military organization is replaced by a civil regime, a vigorous policy of agricultural education will be pursued in that country. Gerald died 30/9/1963, age 75, and is buried in the North Road Church of England Cemetery in Adelaide, SA. [Headstone photo available on application from Cemetery – Gerald’s parents are also buried there] The Sydney Morning Herald, 3 May 1919 (p.9): WEDDINGS A military wedding of special interest took place at St George’s Cathedral, Jerusalem on March 8, when Jessie Mary Busby, A.A.N.S., late of the Coast Hospital, Sydney, only daughter of Mrs F.A. Andrews, was married to Gerald Gustav, late of the 9th Light Horse Regiment, at present with the Occupied Enemy Territory Administration, only son of Mrs and Mr E.S. Masson, Adelaide, South Australia. The service was fully choral. The bride, who looked charming in mess uniform, carried a bouquet of stars of Bethlehem, the gift of the American Red Cross, and was given away by SisterH. Taylor Williams, A.A.N.S., and attended by Sister L. J. Kelman, while Captain W.E. Evans, M.B.E., supported the bridegroom. The ceremony was performed by Captain-Chaplain O.W. Birch, M.C., S.C.F., assisted by the bishop’s chaplain. A reception was held afterwards at the residence of the bishop’s chaplain. Among the guests were the Chief Administrator of Occupied Enemy Territory, Major-General Sir A.W. Money, K.C.B., C.S.L., Brigadier-General R. Storrs, Mrs and Major G.R. Tadman, Mrs and Captain O. Benett, Miss Cullet, and Miss Woods, from the American Red Cross, Major H. Simmons, Major A.W. Bourke, Major R.R. Fowler, and the officers of Occupied Enemy Territory Administration, and the officers of the Military Governor’s staff, Jerusalem. The happy couple left by motor for Jaffa. Their present address is Jerusalem. The Sydney Morning Herald, 8 May 1919: MARRIAGES MASSON-ANDREWS – March 8, at St George’s Cathedral, Jerusalem, by Captain-Chaplain O.W. Birch, M.C., S.C.F., assisted by the Bishops, Chaplain-Captan Gerald Gustav Masson (late 9th Light Horse), only son of E.S. and Mrs Masson, Park-terrace, Eastwood, Adelaide, SA, and grandson of Prof. Gustav Masson, of Harrow, Eng., to Jessie Mary Busby Andrews, A.A.N.S., only daughter of the late H.P. and Nurse F.A. Andrews, B.M.A. buildings, Sydney, and granddaughter of late Archdeacon Piddington, Tamworth, NSW, great-granddaughter late George Busby, M.D., Bathurst, NSW. Observer (Adelaide, SA), Sat 24 May 1919 (p.43): Special Spelling Did you know that when spelling the name of Gustave the “e” at the end makes all the difference? Yes, it does. The French spell it with “e”, but the Germans leave the “e” out. An Anzac – Gerald Gustave Masson – only son of Mr and Mrs E.S. Masson, of Eastwood, who was lately married in Jerusalem, spells it the French way, because he is of French descent, his grandfather being Gustave Masson, of Harrow, the well known French litterateur. The Register (Adelaide, SA), Wed 27 Sept 1922 (p.6): SOUTH AUSTRALIAN IN PALESTINE Capt G.G. Masson has returned to Adelaide on furlough from Palestine, and is staying with his parents at Park terrace, Eastwood. Accompanied by his wife and daughter, he will leave for the Holy Land on October 7. Capt. Masson, who was formerly attached to the 9th Light Horse, is now engaged in the Agricultural Department in that country, and has Northern Palestine under his control. He is very sangrine concerning the prosperous future of Palestine under British control. ………………… http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/64127192 The Sydney Morning Herald, Sat 3 Jun 1933 (p.12): BIRTHS MASSON (nee Andrews) – June 1, to Mr and Mrs G.G. Masson, of Jerusalem, Palestine, at Lynton private hospital, North Sydney – a daughter. The Riverine Grazier (Hay, NSW), Tue 25 Jul 1933 (p.3): PALESTINE REMARKABLE PROGRESS In ten years’ time the coast of Palestine would be one vast orange grove, said Mr G.G. Masson, Chief Agricultural Officer, to the Palestine Government, in the course of an address to the Legacy Club, recently. He believed that no country under British or any other mandate had progressed in the same way as Palestine. ………………………………………………………………… Mr Masson remarked that much of the administrative and development work was in charge of men who had dropped out of regiments which participated in engagements there during the war. Some of these men were Australians. http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/136892721 The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW), Wed 27 Jul 1938 (p.11): SALTBUSH AND LUCERNE Australian Seed in Palestine Nearly five years ago, Mr G.G. Masson, chief agricultural officer of the Palestine Government in Jerusalem, called on Mr J.N. Whittet, the agrostologist of the New South Wales Department of Agriculture, and asked whether he had an dry weather resistant plants, including Lucerne, which would be worthy of trial, on the poorer types of hill country in Palestine. As a result, a consignment was forwarded comprising seeds of fodder trees, saltbushes, and hardy types of natural grasses and regional strains of Lucerne from the recognized Lucerne seed-producing districts of the State. The department has now received a letter from the acting chief agricultural officer of the Palestine Department of Agriculture, stating that of all the grasses only the rye grasses and Phalaris bulbosa did at all well. ………………………………………………………………… http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/17478380 Chronicle (Adelaide, SA), Thur 6 Apr 1939 (p.66): Out among the People S.A. Man In Palestine [Photo] Those of us who knew here years ago Mr Gerald G. Masson, now Chief Agricultural Officer for the Government in Palestine, with headquarters at Jerusalem, are always keen to hear how he is faring during these hectic times in the Holy Land. Old Prince Alfred Collegian and Roseworthy College diploma holder (1911), “Gerry” Masson is doing well in Palestine, and is giving entertaining talks over the air on gardening. In a letter to his uncle, Mr Charlie Godfrey, of the Adelaide Stock Exchange, Mr Masson describes how another South Australian motored round a corner into an ambush Arabs were constructing. He charged into the barbed wire, and succeeded in getting through, although his petrol tank was riddled and the four Arabs raked his care with gun fire. The car sped down hill to safety. Had he arrived a few minutes later, the obstacle would have been firmly established! News (Adelaide, SA), Mon 11 Mar 1940 (p.6): 1919 A.I.F. Romance Celebrated in Palestine By J.A. Hetherington, Special Representative of “The News” with the A.I.F. JERUSALEM, March 10 On March 8, 1919, Capt Gerald Masson, of the 9th Light Horse, and Sister Jessie Andrews, an Australian war nurse, of Sydney, entertained friends at a party in the dining room of a Jerusalem hotel before their wedding next day. The Massons, on Friday entertained a number of Australian nurses on leave in Jerusalem at a party at their home. They later visited the hotel, which is now an Australian Soldiers’ Club, and invited the Australians there to have a drink in celebration of their twenty-first wedding anniversary. Capt Masson was a farmer at Tailem Bend before he enlisted in the great war. He is now Chief Agricultural Officer in the Palestine Department of Agriculture. His wife came to Palestine as a war nurse in 1917, and the Massons have remained in Palestine ever since, with the exception of two visists to Australia. Capt Masson told me that it seems like being home to hear Australian voices again in Jerusalem after 20 years. “When I look at the present race of diggers I see no difference between them and the First A.I.F.,” he added. The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA), Wed 2 Jul 1941 (p.9): Out Among the People – by VOX GERRY MASSON IN PALESTINE My paragraph about the fall of Damascus and Lieutenants L.M.S. Hargrave and G.G. Masson, of the 9th Light Horse in the last war, interested Mrs G.R. Smart, of Minnipa, because she says her husband served five years with that regiment, and knew those officers well He is again in Palestine, and in a recent letter to his wife wrote: - “You remember me always talking about Gerry Masson. Well, he lives here, and when I had leave he came and took me to his beautiful home to meet his nice wife and two handsome daughters. And did we talk? We fought the last war over again. The Sydney Morning Herald, Sat 10 Jun 1944: ENGAGEMENT RECALLS ROMANCE OF FIRST A.I.F. The announcement of the engagement of Miss Josephine Jean Busby Masson, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Gerald G. Masson, of Lindfield, formerly of Jerusalem, to Captain David Wynne Lloyd-Thomas, R.E., Middle East Forces, recalls a romance of the last war. Miss Masson’s mother, formerly Sister Jessie Andrews, who went to Palestine in 1917 as a member of the A.A.N.S., was married at St George’s Cathedral, Jerusalem, on March 8, 1919 to Captain Gerald Masson, 9th A.L.H., who had been a farmer at Tailem Bend, SA, before he enlisted in the 1st A.I.F. Mrs Masson returned to Australia at the end of 1941, and her husband, who, after the last war, became chief agricultural officer in the Palestine Department of Agriculture, arrived at the end of 1942. Their eldest daughter, who has just become engaged, was born at Mount Carmel, one of the first British children born in Palestine after the occupation. A special dispatch was sent to the British Foreign Office to make sure that her birth, with four others, was not recorded as Turkish. Miss Masson was baptized at St George’s Cathedral, where her parents’ wedding was the first all-British wedding after the occupation. She, herself, hopes to be married at the same cathedral. Now a welfare officer with the British Red Cross in Cairo, Miss Masson previously worked with British Voluntary Aids at the 6th AGH pending the arrival of Voluntary Aides from Australia. Miss Masson has visited Australia several times. She was educated at S.C.E.G.G.S., North Sydney, where her mother was also educated. Captain Lloyd-Thomas is the eldest son of Mr D.J. Lloyd-Thomas and the late Mrs Lloyd- Thomas, of Plasgwyn, Sketty, Glamorganshire. [contains photo of bride-to-be] The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA), Thur 28 Dec 1944 (p.4): Out Among the People – By VOX I have just heard from our old friend Gerald Masson, formerly Chief Agricultural Officer in Palestine for many years. He tells me he has bought a small property on the North Shore line out from Sydney, where he will potter about – at Clissold road, Wahroonga. Gerald’s eldest daughter was married in St George’s Cathedral, Jerusalem, on December 20, where, by the way, he and his wife were married 25½ years ago. The Argus (Melb, Vic), Wed 8 Jan 1947 (p.8): ENGAGEMENTS ANNOUNCED MASSON – GAME – Edith Geraldine, second daughter of Mr and Mrs Gerald G. Masson, of Jerusalem and Sydney, to Peter Aylward, third son of Mr and Mrs T.A. Game, of Adelaide. Chronicle (Adelaide, SA), Thur 13 Sept 1951 (p.51): Out Among the People – By Vox For 9th LH Reunion Was pleased to meet with Jim Cattle our old friend Gerald Masson, over from North Shore, Sydney, after an absence of four years, to attend the 9th Light Horse Regiment reunion at the RSL Club, and to see the Royal Show for the first time since he went abroad on service in 1914. Gerry spent 23 years in Palestine as Inspector of Agriculture and Forests and Chief Agricultural Officer. The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA), Thur 30 Oct 1952 Out Among The People – By VOX I called at the Savings Bank of SA in King William street yesterday, to see Mr Jim Cattle (Adelaide office manager since 1947), who, after 46½ years’ service, will retire tomorrow, by a coincidence, on World Thrift Day, and anniversary of the armistice with the Turks in Great War 1. Jim, by the way, was then a lieutenant on 3rd Brigade headquarters. Two of his squadron’s young officers in the 9th Light Horse, Gerry Masson and Gerry (L.M.S.) Hargrave, made history by being the first to enter Damascus on the eve of its capture. ……………….. The Sydney Morning Herald, Nov 30, 1964: DEATHS MASSON, Jessie Mary (Brownie) Busby – November 27 (suddenly), at Southampton, England, late A.A.N.S., widow of Gerald Gustave Masson, formerly of Lindfield and Melbourne, beloved mother of Jean (Mrs Lloyd-Thomas), Geraldine (Mrs Twomey) and Robin (Mrs Richards), sister of the late Geoffrey and Robert Andrews and of Pat Andrews. Burial at the parish church, Sherfield English, Hampshire, England. Who’s Who in Australia 1938: MASSON, Gerald Gustave, Dip. Agr., Chief Agr. Officer, Palestine Govt., since 1930: son of E.S. Masson, Harrow, Eng., & Adel.; b.Apr 14, 1888 Nairne, SA: ed. Roseworthy Agric. Coll. & Prince Alfred Coll., Adel.; Lieut 9th ALH Regt; Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine; joined Occupied Enemy Territory Administration; gazetted Staff Capt., Gen. list, Brit. Army; Inspector of Agric., Palestine Govt., 1920; Inspector of Agric. & Forests, 1924-30; mentioned in Lord Allenby’s dispatches; m. Mar 8, 1919, Miss J.M. Busby Andrews, d. Mr and Mrs H.P. Andrews, 3 d.; recreations, cricket, shooting, fishing; club, Royal Empire Socy.; address, Palestine Govt Offices, Jerusalem. [1944 Edition: VD]