• Richard Lacey


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  • Birth

    Kent, United Kingdom
    Monday, 22 January 1894

Stories and comments
    • Close escape
    • Posted by BrianRBudge, Saturday, 15 June 2019

    In the evening of 9th July 1917 Richard Lacey was one of eight RN sailors who left the battleship HMS Vanguard in Scapa Flow, Orkney in a picket boat to collect 16 officers attending a concert in the theatre boat Gourko, moored alongside the battleship HMS Royal Oak. The picket boat was about 120 yards clear of Vanguard when a series of magazine explosions blew the ship apart. Only two sailors on board HMS Vanguard survived, while the 843 killed included RAN stokers Robert Houston and Leslie Roberts of HMAS Sydney, who were then serving time in Vanguard's cells.