• Henry Berry

Army / Flying Corps
  • Private

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  • British War Medal
  • Enlistment - WW1

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  • Birth

    Sydney, NSW, Australia

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    • Military history of Henry Berry (AN&MEF), Concentration Camp Guard, AIF Speical Services (Kursk)
    • Posted by jaydsydaus121, Monday, 4 November 2019

    29/9/1917: Note from the Enlisting Officer (Major Jackson, Supervisor of Rifle Clubs), Adelaide Street Drill Shed, Brisbane, confirming that Henry Berry was selected for the Relief Troops (Rabaul). If passed as medically fit, he was to be attested and instructed to report to the Camp Commandant, Enogerra. No. 1217 (Private) 1/10/1917: Enlisted at Enogerra, Brisbane, QLD. Alloted to Rabaul Relief Force (RRF) (1st District garrison) / "A Company", 3rd Battalion, Australian Naval & Military Expeditionary Force (AN&MEF) / Relief Troops for Rabaul. Attesting Officer: James B. Walker. Medical examination conducted. His address before enlistment was: Care of: Jack Crogie, Stanley Street, South Brisbane, QLD. 2/10/1917: Completed, signed and witnessed a Statutory Declaration, refusing to give part of his pay to his estranged wife. 1st inoculation (T.A.B 2 - Mixed vaccine, Typhoid and Paratyphoid A and B). 16/10/1917: 2nd inoculation (TAB 2). 20/10/1917: Vaccination. 2/11/1917: Asked the paymaster to allot part of his pay to his three children. 10/11/1917: Embarked from Brisbane on SS Sumatra for Rabaul, New Britain. 27/11/1917: Having arrived from Australia per SS Sumatra is taken on the strength from 26th Inst. (from 26th Nov?). 19/12/1917: Detailed for duty at Matupi battery, Rabaul. 5/2/1918: Henry's will was despatched and handed to the Officer in charge, Base Records. 22/2/1918: Detailed for duty in garrison police, Rabaul. 1/9/1918: Having departed to Kokopo is transferred from the Garrison Police to "A" Company, and struck off the strength of the Garrison. 7/10/1918: New guard arrived from Kokopo is T.O.S (taken on strength). Garrison Rabaul. 15/10/1918: Returned to Kokopo and struck off strength (SOS) garrison Rabaul. 16/10/1918: Conduct Sheet - having in his possession 11 bottles of beer, well knowing the same was contrary to standing orders No.9. Punishment: 7 days without pay. 25/10/1918: Having returned from Kokopo as escort for A.Hemingway (prisoner) is TOS of the Rabaul garrison. 26/10/1918: Having departed to Kokopo is SOS of the garrison Rabaul (prisoners escort). 12/11/1918: Having returned to Kokopo is SOS of the Rabaul garrison. 19/11/1918: Arrived from Kokopo and TOS of the garrison Rabaul for new guard. 23/11/1918: departed to Kokopo SOS of the Rabaul garrison 26/11/1918: Arrived from Kokopo is TOS of garrison Rabaul. 4/12/1918: Returned to Kokopo old guard SOS of the garrison Rabaul. 30/12/1918: Will proceed to Australia per SS Melusia. 31/12/1918: Arrived in Rabaul from Kokopo and TOS garrison. 1/1/1919: SOS garrison Rabaul having departed for Australia per SS Melusia for furlough and desiring discharge. 10/2/1919: Discharged (sts (sea transport staff?) AN&MEF). 1/4/1919: Discharged, Sydney, NSW (2nd military district ie 2nd MD) per SS Melusia. Medically unfit (MU). No. 3338 (Private) 3/4/1919: Re-enlisted, Victoria Barracks, Brisbane, QLD. "C" Company, Concentration Camp Guard. Distinctive marks: Malaria. Medical examination conducted by Captain B.M.Samson. 4/4/1919: Attestation papers signed, Holsworthy, NSW. 9/5/1919: Overstaying leave pass from 7pm 7/5/1919 to 5:30pm 9/5/1919. 16/5/1919: Discharged to join the AIF. No. 85763 (Private) (Previously 97067) 17/5/1919: Transferred to Special Services, AIF, Holsworthy, NSW & assigned to the Kursk guard. Attesting Officer: Lieutenant D. Campbell. 20/5/1919: Last will and testament signed and witnessed. 21/5/1919: Signed, witnessed and dated a Statutory Declaration regarding payments to his three children (at Holsworthy, NSW). 24/5/1919: Overstaying leave pass from midnight 23/5/1919 to 6pm 24/5/1919 & drunk on returning to camp, Holsworthy, NSW. 25/5/1919: Discharged: Services no longer required. 9/3/1933: Henry sent a letter to the Army requesting 3 duplicate discharges be issued to him. He gave his address as the Forbes Post Office. He also included a signed Statutory Declaration, dated the same day in Orange. He was living in Forbes, NSW. 17/12/1934: Army Base Records received Henry's letter enquiring about his entitlement to the Victory medal and the British War Medal. His address was 407 Pacific Highway, Artamon, NSW. 19/12/1934: British War Medal issued. Not entitled to the Victory Medal since he had enlisted after Rabaul ceased to be an active theatre of war. N429013 Private 25/3/1942: Enlisted in the Volunteer Defence Corps at Kew, NSW. Next of kin was Olive Berry. 13/4/1943: Discharged from the Corps.