• Michael Bergin

Army / Flying Corps
  • 8th Australian Light Horse Regiment
  • 5th Australian Light Horse Regiment
  • 2nd Light Horse Brigade
  • Captain (Chaplain)

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  • Military Cross (MC)
  • British War Medal
  • Burial

    Reninghelst New Military Cemetery, 8970 Poperinge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

  • Birth

    Tipperary, Ireland
    Monday, 18 August 1879

  • Arrived in Cairo, Egypt

    Cairo, Egypt
    Friday, 1 January 1915 - Sunday, 31 January 1915

  • Left with AIF 5th Light Horse Brigade for Gallipoli, Turkey

    Cairo, Egypt
    Saturday, 1 May 1915 - Monday, 31 May 1915

  • Officially appointed as chaplain for the Light Horse Brigade

    Cairo, Egypt
    Saturday, 15 May 1915 - Saturday, 15 May 1915

  • Admitted to A. S. Hospital Mudros with influenza and diarrhoea

    Lemnos 814 00, Greece
    Wednesday, 16 June 1915 - Wednesday, 16 June 1915

  • Attested at Anzac Cove, Turkey, and officially enlisted in the AIF

    Anzac Cove, Turkey
    Monday, 12 July 1915 - Monday, 12 July 1915

  • Admitted to ‘Fleetsweeper’ with influenza

    Anzac Cove, Turkey
    Friday, 13 August 1915 - Friday, 13 August 1915

  • Transferred to United Kingdon from Alexandria aboard H. S. Kareela due to illness

    Alexandria, Egypt
    Thursday, 23 September 1915 - Thursday, 23 September 1915

  • Admitted with enteric fever to 3rd London General Hospital, United Kingdom

    London, England
    Saturday, 23 October 1915 - Saturday, 23 October 1915

  • Disembarked at Lemnos, Greece (on return from United Kingdom)

    Lemnos Island, Greece
    Friday, 24 December 1915 - Friday, 24 December 1915

  • Attached as Chaplain to 51st Battalion

    Tall al Kabir, Ismalia, Egypt
    Sunday, 23 January 1916 - Sunday, 23 January 1916

  • Disembarked at Alexandria, Egypt, and posted to 3rd A. G. H.

    Alexandria, Egypt
    Thursday, 27 January 1916 - Thursday, 27 January 1916

  • Arrived in France with 51st Battalion

    23230 Gouzon, France
    Monday, 12 June 1916 - Monday, 12 June 1916

  • Followed 51st Battalion to battle in Mouquet Farm

    Somme Valley, France
    Tuesday, 1 August 1916 - Saturday, 30 September 1916

  • Received wounds in action

    Passendale, Zonnebeke, Belgium
    Thursday, 11 October 1917 - Thursday, 11 October 1917

  • Died of wounds received in action, 3rd Australian Field Ambulance in the field

    Passendale, Zonnebeke, Belgium
    Friday, 12 October 1917 - Friday, 12 October 1917

Stories and comments
    • Fr. Michael Bergin SJ
    • Posted by Mapping our Anzacs story, Monday, 4 November 2013

    Original grave of Fr. Michael Bergin S.J. (n.18 Aug. 1879, Roscrea, county Tipperary +12 Oct. 1917, Passchendaele, Belgium): (Province of Lyons) chaplain to Australian forces - 5th Light Horse Regiment. 1915: 5th Light Horse Brigade; 1916 1917: 51st Battn., A.I.F. At time of death, he was part of 13th Australian Infantry Brigade, 50th Australian Infantry Battalion. (The above grave maker gives dates his death as 11 October. All official records indicate he died on 12 October however correspondence by Jesuits in October 1917 indicate the 11th. He was wounded on the 11th and died on the 12th). Michael Bergin, born in Roscrea, schooled in Mungret, was an Irish Jesuit chaplain with the Australian Imperial Force, which he joined as a trooper (stretcher-bearer) in the 5th Light Horse, in order to accompany the Australians to Gallipoli. Bergin requested to be a chaplain in the Australian Forces however the Australians were initially unsure of this Irish Jesuit, who served in the Lyons Province and had no connection to Australia. He was the only member of the whole AIF never to have set foot in Australia and the only Catholic chaplain serving with the AIF to have died as a result of enemy action. He always aimed to be where his men were in greatest danger, and having survived the Turkish campaign he was killed by a German shell on the Ypres salient in Flanders. The citation for the Military Cross awarded posthumously (although based on recommendation prior to death), read: 'Padre Bergin is always to be found among his men, helping them when in trouble, and inspiring them with his noble example and never-failing cheerfulness.' http://www.flickr.com/photos/jesuitsireland/4457075967/in/set-72157623554235301

      • IrishJesuitArchives
      • Thursday, 5 February 2015

      Fr Michael Bergin SJ is one of eleven Jesuits profiled in 'Irish Jesuit Chaplains in the First World War', edited by Damien Burke, Assistant Archivist, Irish Jesuit Archives. http://messenger.ie/product/edited-by-damien-burke/irish-jesuit-chaplains-in-the-first-world-war The flickr link above (maintained by the Irish Jesuit Archives) is now: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jesuitsireland/10592715104/in/set-72157623554235301

    • Chaplain Michael Bergin
    • Posted by Mapping our Anzacs story, Monday, 7 April 2014

    Chaplains began their commissions in the Australian Imperial Force as captains, however were considered to be non-combatants. During World War I, chaplains did not carry weapons, instead providing pastoral care and moral, spiritual and religious support for soldiers. Michael Bergin, an Irish Jesuit priest and chaplain for the 51st Battalion, is one of the most prominent members of the AIF to never actually set foot on Australian territory. He attested and enlisted in Anzac Cove, Turkey, and developed a strong relationship with the soldiers, who deeply admired and respected him. The chaplain caused a stir in his home country of Ireland when he returned there in the uniform of the AIF while on leave in 1916. To join the AIF, it wasn’t necessary to be a British citizen or resident in Australia. New Zealanders, Britons, Canadians and the Irish signed up as part of the AIF, as many Australians signed up for the British Expeditionary Force or other imperial armies. The Roll of Honour at the Australian War Memorial carries the names of many non-Australians who fought for Australia during World War I.

    Michael Bergin
    • Tribute
    • Posted by aishaaaaaaa, Sunday, 28 May 2017

    May Michael Bergin Rest In Peace. He was a very brave soldier who greatly served our country. Lest We Forget