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    • BUTLER, Beatrice Travers (Bertie) – Staff Nurse, QAIMNSR
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    Born on the 12th of August 1884 in Hobart, Tas – the daughter of Charles William BUTLER and Beatrice Maria TRAVERS, who were married at St George’s Church, Hobart on the 16/8/1882, and were living at 2 De Witt St, Battery Point in 1884 Beatrice (snr) died at their home “Ashfield” in Sandy Bay, Tas on the 27/6/1936, aged 78 Charles, a well-known Hobart Solicitor, also died at “Ashfield” a year later on the 10/6/1937, aged 82 Siblings: Twins, *Mary Ann Edith 15/5/1883 – 21/10/1897; *Marjorie Travers 15/5/1883- Sep 1972; *Archibald Travers 28/12/1885 – 24/2/1886; *Charles Travers 10/11/1887 – Nov 1974; *Geoffrey Travers 15/3/1890 – Mar 1962; *Leicester Travers 18/1/1894 – 16/12/1973. Selected as Rhodes Scholar in 1915 (whilst in camp awaiting to go O/S) WW1: Lieut, 12th Bn, AIF; *James Montagu Travers 9/8/1896 – Mar 1973 – WW1: Depot; Beatrice travelled to England on the SS China in November 1908 with her Grandmother She trained in nursing at the Melbourne Children’s Hospital, Carlton, Vic, for 3 years from the 1/1/1913 to the 1/1/1916 – passing her exam for the Victorian Trained Nurses Association in December 1915 She then left the Hospital and took up private nursing between March and June 1916 WW1: Beatrice travelled to England mid 1916 on the SS Malwa, to offer her services for the war effort, and applied to join the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve (QAIMNSR) on the 13/9/1916. Her date of appointment was the 27/9/1916 and she was posted to the Alexandra Military Hospital in Cosham, Hampshire. Confidential Report, Matron, Alexandra Hospital, 15/5/1918: “I consider Staff Nurse Butler quite up to the standard of rank in general professional ability with plenty of initiative. She has fair administrative capacity, she instructs her orderlies well, but is a little lacking in discipline. She is very kind to her patients, spares herself no trouble for their comfort. She is very even tempered and tactful, shee seems to have good judgement and common sense. She is energetic, punctual and very self-reliant and quite reliable and has a very good influence generally, and is much liked by her fellow workers. She has never acted in a higher rank than she at present holds, but I think in time she will be fitted for promotion to a higher rank in the ordinary course.” Beatrice crossed to France on the 24/3/1918 and joined the 4th General Hospital, Camiers on the 25/3/1918 – where it was noted she was a “Good Surgical Nurse – clean, methodical and tidy – a good manager.” Transferred to the 34th Casualty Clearing Station on the 28/6/1918 Confidential Report, Sister-in-charge, 34th CCS, 15/12/1918: “Health, Good. Conduct, Excellent. Character, Excellent. Duties, Sister in Medical Wards also Surgical for a few weeks. Miss Butler proved herself a quiet self-reliant and tactful nurse and made an excellent ward Sister.” Leave from the 26/11/1918 to 10/12/1918 Posted to the 2nd Stationary Hospital, Abbeville 12/12/1918 Confidential Report, Matron, 2nd SH, 11/4/1919: “S/Nurse Miss B.T. Butler has served under me from 12.12.18. I have found her to be a very good S/Nurse, in professional ability up to the standard of her rank. She is energetic, most reliable, has plenty of common sense, her influence generally is excellent. She is in every way fitted for promotion when it is due.” To the 18th CCS, then to England for demobalization on the 17/5/1919 Transferred from King George Hospital, Stamford Street to the Kitchener Military Hospital, Brighton on the 29/5/1919 for temporary duty whilst awaiting repatriation Returned to Australia on the Katoomba, embarking 7/8/1919 Gippsland Hospital Dec 1920 Still nursing in 1928, she was residing with her parents and siblings at 11 Margaret St, Queenborough, Tas On the committee of the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Hobart, from August 1934 – tendered her resignation February 1938 Travelled to England on the SS Orontes, departing on the 12/3/1938 – and returning in January 1940 Living with her sister Marjorie at Sharpe’s Rd, Sandy Bay, Tas in 1943, 1949 – then at 2 Vantona Rd, Nelson, Tas in 1954 – and 2 Red Chapel Ave, Nelson in 1958 Died October 1969, aged 85, and was cremated at the Cornelian Bay Cemetery on the 15th The Mercury (Hobart, Tas), Wed 13 Aug 1884 (p.1): Births BUTLER – On Tuesday, the 12th inst., the wife of C.W. Butler; a daughter. Critic (Hobart, Tas), Sat 7 Nov 1908 (p.5): SOCIAL ITEMS This week several farewell parties have been given to Miss Bertie Butler, who is leaving with Mrs Travers on Saturday for England. Last Monday afternoon Mrs Charles Butler gave an “At Home” in her honor, at “Ashfield,” Sandy Bay. The rooms were beautifully decorated with roses. Among those present were: – Mrs Charles Butler and the Miss Bertie and Margery Butler, ……………………… On Monday evening the Misses Cox had a small party in honor of Miss Bertie Butler, and on Tuesday afternoon Mrs Tetley Gant gave a tennis party for the same young lady. Critic (Hobart, Tas), Fri 8 Jan 1915 (p.4): SOCIAL NEWS Miss Beatrice Butler, who is on the staff of the Melbourne Children’s Hospital, is spending her holiday with Mr and Mrs Charles Butler, Ashfield, Sandy Bay. The Tasmanian Mail (Hobart, Tas), 29 Jun 1916 (p.9): GOSSIP A popular girl who will be leaving Hobart shortly for nursing duty in France is Miss Bertie Butler, daughter of Mr C.W. Butler, of Ashfield, Sandy Bay. Miss Butler has three brothers, as well as cousins, in the fighting line. She is paying all her own expenses and hopes to get work when she reaches France. As she is fully qualified this is very probable. The Mercury (Hobart, Tas), Sat 4 Aug 1934 (p.3): MEETINGS – QUEEN ALEXANDRA HOSPITAL …………………………………….. Miss Beatrice Butler was elected to fill a vacancy on the general committee. The Mercury (Hobart, Tas), Mon 7 Mar 1938 (p.3): QUEEN ALEXANDRA HOSPITAL Report For February ……………………………. Miss Beatrice Butler tendered her resignation. It was resolved to ask Miss Butler to accept leave of absence until her return from abroad. Appreciation was expressed of Miss Butler’s services. The Mercury (Hobart, Tas), Wed 16 Mar 1938 (p.5): PERSONAL Miss Beatrice Butler has gone for a trip to England, having left Hobart by the Orontes on Saturday. The Mercury (Hobart, Tas), Fri 6 Oct 1939 (p.4): OF SOCIAL INTEREST Miss Beatrice Butler shortly will leave England on her return to Hobart after 18 months abroad. She had planned to embark on November 4, but probably will leave earlier. The Mercury (Hobart, Tas), Fri 5 Jan 1940 (p.5): OF SOCIAL INTEREST Miss Beatrice Butler, who is on her way out from England, has arrived in Australia, and is expected to return to Hobart about the end of next week. The Mercury (Hobart, Tas), Wed 17 Jan 1940 (p.11): PARTY AT QUEEN MARY CLUB …………………………… Among other guests were………………………, and Miss Beatrice Butler, who has just returned after two years’ visit to England. Notes: *The Tasmanian Birth Register gives her DOB as the 10th Aug – the info supplied by her father on the 20/9/1884 (reg. no. 2201) *The Mercury (Hobart, Tas), Wed 13 Aug 1884 (p.1): Births BUTLER – On Tuesday, the 12th inst., the wife of C.W. Butler; a daughter. *Beatrice gives her DOB as the 12th Aug 1884 on her QA application 1914 ER (still shown on ER 1924, 1931): Children’s Hospital, Carlton, Vic – nurse [British MC] The Tasmanian Archives hold copies of diaries, letters, personal papers and certificates: Beatrice Travers Butler was the daughter of Charles William Butler and Beatrice (nee Travers) of 'Ashfield' Sandy Bay. She was born on the 12 August 1884 and never married. She trained as a nurse for three years at the Children's Hospital, Melbourne and qualified in January, 1916. She then worked as a nurse in England during World War 1. In later life she lived at Red Chapel Avenue, Sandy Bay and at 10 Willodene Avenue, Sandy Bay. She was cremated at Cornelian Bay Cemetery on the 15 October 1969 aged 85. 3/7/1916 – 3/5/1919: Letters of Beatice Travers Butler - written to her family while travelling to the UK on the ' S.S. Malwa' to work as a nurse in England during World War 1 at the Alexandra Military Hospital, Hampshire and later France (from April to cMay 1919) *Charles Travers 10/11/1887 – Nov 1974; Charles Travers Butler, the son of Charles William Butler and Beatice (nee Travers), was born in November 1889. He served as a Second Lieutenant in the Dorset (Queens Own ) Yeomanry in World War 1. Most of the letters date from this period. He studied Law at the University of Tasmania and was enrolled in 1921 and practiced in the firm of Butler, MacIntyre and Butler. He married Keva (nee Allardyce) and had four children: Ann (Mrs Roger Jennings), Christopher (married June Brown), Jamie (married Jane Barton) and Fairlie (Mrs Stewart Ferguson). [source: Tasmanian Archives] *Geoffrey Travers 15/3/1890 – Mar 1962; Geoffrey Travers Butler, the son of Charles William Butler and Beatrice (nee Travers), was born 15 March 1890. He married firstly Constance Lee and secondly Beatrice Gore Jones, and some letters in this series are written by her. (Beatrice Gore Butler, nee Jones). He had one daughter Janet to his first marriage. He served in World War I in the Royal Field Artillery . When he returned to Tasmania he became a farmer at several places including Bagdad and Rowella. [source: Tasmanian Archives] *Leicester Travers 18/1/1894 – 16/12/1973. Selected as Rhodes Scholar in 1915 (whilst in camp awaiting to go O/S) WW1: Lieut, 12th Bn, AIF Leicester (Sam) Travers Butler, the son of Charles William Butler and Beatrice (nee Travers), was born 12 Jan 1894. He served in World War 1 (in a British regiment?) and most of the letters are written to his sister Beatrice Travers Butler, who was working as a nurse at the Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, Hertfordshire. After the war he attended Oxford University and a few letters were written during that period (1919 - 1921) [source: Tasmanian Archives] *James Montagu Travers 9/8/1896 – Mar 1973 James Montagu Travers Butler, the son of Charles William Butler and Beatrice (nee Travers) was born on the 9 August 1896. He never married. He was educated at Hutchins School and gained a B.Sc at the University of Tasmania in 1917. He gained an aviator's licence and worked as a draughtsman in the Drawing Office at the Electrolytic Zinc Company from 1919 to 1920, until going to Oxford University to study Engineering. He trained at the Central Flying School, Laverton to join the Australian Flying Corp, AIF, however the war ended while he was still training. He was admitted to the bar in 1928, having been articled to W. F. D. Butler in 1923. He lived at Ashfield, Sandy Bay at his parents home, and later lived with his sisters Beatrice and Marjorie at Red Chapel Avenue, Sandy Bay. He was a prominent player of Royal Tennis. The letters are written to his family rom the Central Flying School, Laverton (15/04/1918 - 22/11/1918), from England and Europe (06/05/1920 - 01/12/1921), from Smithton (10/06/1930 - 08/10/1930) and from Sandy Bay (06/06/1933 - c1950's). James Butler was cremated at Cornelian Bay cemetery on the 27 March 1973 aged 76. [source: Tasmanian Archives] Father’s Obit 1937: https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/25404898 Funeral: https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/68483035