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    Wednesday, 11 July 1923

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    • 26 March 2018 - Dorrie was Nurse from No. 14 Gen - Belgium
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    Walter Otto Herbert Allen wrote of his cousin, Dorrie Craike, in a letter he wrote from Casualty Clearing Station 11 - on 26 March 1918. "The sisters here are very kind. I was talking to an Aust. Sister who has just arrived from No. 14 Gen, and she knows Dorrie a little, so I learned that Dorrie is still there and is well. I must drop her a line one of these days. "

    Walter Allen's Letter 26/3/18
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      Nurse Queen Alexandria's Imperial Military Nursing Services Born Dorothea May CRAIKE in 1889 at Strathfieldsaye, Vic. Daughter of Thomas CRAIKE and Anne Maria nee PEIPER Embarked for Australia 21 May 1919 per 'Osterley' for Western Australia Married Ernest SEVERIN in 11 July 1923 in WA Died 1972 at Fremantle, WA

    • CRAIKE, Dorothea May (Dorrie) – Sister, QAIMNSR
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    Dorothea was born in 1889 at Strathfieldsaye, Vic – the eldest daughter of Thomas CRAIKE and Annie Maria PEIPER, who married in Vic in 1888 The family moved to Western Australia in 1903. They were farming at “Strathfieldsaye,” Trayning, WA, when Thomas was killed in a farm accident on the 6/11/1913, aged 49 Annie remarried to Philip SHERZINGER in 1916, living “Broadlands,” Yelbeni, WA, 1917, she died at Nedlands on the 7/5/1955, aged 87 Siblings: Thomas b.29/4/1892 Strathfieldsaye – Farmer – WW1: Didn’t sail, disch unfit – marr Etta McLeod 1921 – died 26/2/1976; *Harry Rochfort b.1895 Strathfieldsaye – WW1: Cpl 374, 11th Bn – marr Iris Riley (Nurse) 1921 – d.12/3/1985 Nedlands; William David b.1897; Annie Marie b.1899; Jack Attended St Paul’s Sunday School, Bendigo (listed on the Honour Roll) Trained in nursing at Perth Public Hospital (1912) Member of the Australasian Trained Nurses’ Association, having passed the exam in Dec 1913 Children’s Hospital, Perth (1914) – granted Leave for the term of the war WW1: Having been accepted as a Staff Nurse with the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve, Dorothea embarked at Fremantle 21/4/1915 on the Orontes, and arrived in England on the 25/5/1915. [Together with Jean Middleton and Mary Ann Ward] She served first at the 1st Australian Auxiliary Hospital, Harefield, England Joined the British Expeditionary Force, France on the 6/7/1915 11th Stationary Hospital To Lahore British General Hospital 4/1/1916, serving in the Isolation Hospital, Calais Admitted hospital from 6/2 to 19/3/1916 Returned to Lahore BGH 20/3/1916 To 23rd Casualty Clearing Station 19/8/1916 Leave 9/11 to 17/11/1916; 15/2 to 23/2/1917; 7/6 to 15/6/1917 Report of Sister I/C Whyte, 23rd CCS, 10/7/1917: Rank: Staff Nurse. Date of joining Unit: 19/8/1916. Health very good. Conduct good. Character good. In charge acute medical wards 6 months. In charge severe surgical cases 2 months. No Theatre work (Theatre trained). I consider that this staff nurse is quite suitable for promotion. Appointed Acting Sister 1/8/1917 Underwent a 4 month course of instruction in the administration of anaesthetics Leave 27/9 to 11/10/1917 To 13th General Hospital To 14th General Hospital 16/10/1917 – admitted sick 29/12/1917 (not yet diagnosed) and discharged to duty 2/1/1918 To 14th Stationary Hospital 17/1/1918 To 3rd Canadian Casualty Clearing Station 18/3/1918; 10th Stationary Hospital 19/3/1918; 6th Stationary Hospital 26/3/1918; 14th Stationary Hospital 30/3/1918 To 16th General Hospital 21/5/1918 To 34th Casualty Clearing Station 29/6/1918 Leave 6 to 20/10/1918 19th Casualty Clearing Station 29/10/1918 34th Casualty Clearing Station 8/11/1918 Confidential Report of Sister I/C Isabella Craig, 34th CCS, 15/12/1918: Rank: Acting Sister. Joined present Unit 28/6/1918 Health: Excellent. Conduct: Excellent. Character: Excellent. Duties: Anaesthetist Miss Craike was quick, tactful & very energetic, excellent as an anaesthetist; helpful to the surgeons & ready and willing to help whenever & wherever required. To 7th Stationary Hospital, Boulogne, 20/11/1918 Confidential Report of Matron, C.W. Jones, 7th Stationary Hospital, 12/4/1919: Miss Craike joined this Unit 20.11.18 as anaesthetist. Since being here she has been employed for that duty & relieved in an acute Surgical ward. Professional ability: up to standard rank. Administrative capacity: she has not had any administrative work since being at this hospital. Qualifications: Fever & anaesthetics Very good tempered, tactful & self reliant & reliable. Good energy & common sense. Punctual & a good general influence. To England for demobalisation 22/4/1919 Temporary duty at Lord Derby War Hospital, Warrington from 25/4/1919 whilst awaiting repatriation Returned to Australia on the Osterley, embarking 21/5/1919 Discharge taking effect from the 26/6/1919 Married Ernest Frederick SEVERIN on the 11th of July 1923 at the Methodist Church, Nedlands, WA Children: Jean, Mae, Dorothy and Ruth Ernest died 31/3/1941 Katanning, age 54 Dorothea died on the 22nd of April 1972 in Nedlands, WA Cremated at Karrakatta Cemetery and her ashes scattered to the wind The West Australian (Perth, WA), Sat 13 Dec 1913 (p.11): NEWS AND NOTES Australasian Trained Nurses’ Association. – Miss K Anderson, hon. secretary of the Australasian Trained Nurses’ Association, has furnished the following list of candidates who obtained passes at the December examination for membership of the Australasian Trained Nurses’ Association (West Australian Branch), Perth: – Misses …………………, D.M. Craike, ……………. Bendigonian (Vic), Tue 13 Apr 1915 (p.12): PERSONAL The friends of Mrs and the late Mr Thomas Craike, of Trayning, W.A., but formerly of “Bowmont Vineyard,” Longlea, will be pleased to learn that their eldest daughter, Dorothea, has volunteered and been accepted as a Red Cross nurse for service at the front. Nurse Craike trained in the Perth Public Hosptial, and passed all her examinations with much success. Bendigonian (Vic), Thur 29 Apr 1915 (p.25): OUR PERTH LETTER Another old Bendigonian is Nurse Craike, who has also resigned from the same institution [Perth Public Hosp], and leaves to-day by the Orontes to go and nurse the wounded soldiers. The Daily News (Perth, WA), Wed 21 Apr 1915 (p.4): ORONTES’ OUTWARD PASSENGERS The following is a list of the saloon passengers who embarked on the R.M.S. ORONTES at Fremantle: – ……………………, Nurse Hamilton, Nurse Ward, Nurse Middleton, Nurse Craike, Nurse McRae, …………… The Daily News (Perth, WA), Sat 31 Jul 1915 (p.5): Mainly About People Sisters D. Craike and J. Middleton, of the Australian Army Nursing Service, late of the Children’s Hospital, Perth, Western Australia, who arrived in London on May 25 by the Orient liner Orontes, under engagement to the Imperial Government to join the Queen Alexandra Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve, have been appointed to the 1st Australian Auxiliary Hospital, Harefield Park, London. They have been staying at the Ivanhoe Hotel, Bloomsbury-street, W.C. The Burrowa News (NSW), Fri 27 Aug 1915 (p.2): Harefield Park Hospital Mr Thos Rochfort, of Frogmore, recently received a post card from his niece, a Western Australian girl, who has been nursing the wounded Australian Soldiers at Park House, Harefield, in England, which has been lent by the owner, Mr C.H. Billyard-Leake, of Kenyu Station, Burrowa, for that purpose. Nurse Craike also inclosed a photo of the building, which is a very fine structure. My Dear Uncle, – I really haven’t time to write a letter. Have been at this place for 5 weeks looking after some of our brave Australian boys. Am very proud I am an Australian. They are all heroes. I really cried when I said good-bye to them today, as I am being sent to France tomorrow – and will have ‘Tommies’ to look after there. This place is 200 years old and owned by a Mr Billyard-Leake of N.S.W. We have 13 wards open, each with 21 beds. I will enclose a view showing three of them. The house is also fitted up for some patients. I loved it. The Matron is from Western Australia, too. I worked under her for 10 months. She is a charming woman and works day and night. She asked for Miss Middleton and me to be left with her, but they would not allow it. I am sorry as we would have been promoted. The Hospital is all Australian and we are now under the Imperial Government, so I suppose that is the reason. But we will find plenty to do where ever we go. It is getting late and we have to catch an ealy train, so will say good-bye, with love to all, from your affectionate niece, DORRIE CRAIKE. [Jean Middleton, QAIMNSR] The Daily News (Perth, WA), Thur 2 Mar 1916 (p.3): Mainly About People Sisters Middleton and Dorothea Craike, of Western Australia, are now associated with the Isolation Section of the Lahore Hospital, Calais. Sister Katie Heriot (W.A.), also of the Lahore B.G. Hospital, Calais, is at present on leave in England. The Daily News (Perth, WA), Sat 7 Oct 1916 (p.9): Mainly About People Sister Dorothea Craike, of Western Australia, is now on the nursing staff of the No. 35 General Hospital, B.E.F., France. The Daily News (Perth, WA), Fri 29 Dec 1916 (p.3): Mainly About People Sisters D. Craike, M.A. Ward, and J. Middleton have been on leave in London during the past month. The Daily News (Perth, WA), Tue 10 Apr 1917 (p.3): Mainly About People “Franziska” Nurse Dorothy Craike, of Trayning, Western Australia, was on leave in London recently. The Daily News (Perth, WA), Wed 15 Jan 1919 (p.3): Mainly About People Sister Whitely, of Perth, was in Liverpool last October, says the “British Australasian,” and Sister Dorothea Craike, of Perth, was on leave in that month in England from France, where she was on the staff of a casualty clearing station. Western Mail (Perth, WA), Thur 11 Sept 1919 (p.29): YELBENI – On August 30 about 150 people assembled at Yelbeni for the purpose of welcoming home from the front Nurse D. Craike and Messrs ………………. The Daily News (Perth, WA), Tue 27 Feb 1923 (p.6): Mainly About People The engagement is announced of Miss Dorothea Craike, elder daughter of the late Mr Thomas Craike, of Trayning, and Mrs P. Sherzinger, of Nedlands, to Ernest F. youngest son of the late Charles and Mrs Severin, of Katanning. Miss Craike is a member of the A.T. and A. Nurses’ Club, Mount-street, and saw several years’ active service with the Australian Imperial Forces. The West Australian (Perth, WA), Tue 21 Aug 1923 (p.1): MARRIAGES SEVERIN – CRAIKE – On July 11, 1923, at the Methodist Church, Nedlands, by the Rev. C.A. Jenkins, Ernest Frederick Severin, of Katanning, to Dorothea May Craike, of Perth. Present address, Clyde-street, Katanning. The West Australian (Perth, WA), Wed 19 Aug 1925 (p.1): BIRTHS SEVERIN (nee Sister D.M. Craike), – On August 15, at Kiama Private Hospital, Nicholson-road, Subiaco, to Mr and Mrs E.F. Severin – a daughter. The West Australian (Perth, WA), Tue 1 Apr 1941 (p.1): DEATHS SEVERIN, Ernest Frederick, late of Katanning. On March 31, at Perth Hospital, beloved husband of Dorrie, and fond father of Jean, Mae, Dorothy and Ruth. One of the best.