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    • WILLIAMS, Emma Heitman / Heatman – Sister, QAIMNSR
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    Emma was born on the 30th of June 1873 in Auckland, New Zealand (reg. 1874) – the daughter of John Henry (Johann Heinrich) HEITMANN / HEITMAN and Eliza / Elizabeth RATHGEN, who married in 1869 in St Mary’s Church, St Mary Spital Square, Middlesex, England [John, an Engineer, died in NZ in 1911, aged 69] Elizabeth, who remarried to Frederick WILLIAMS (b/w 1878 and 1882), died on the 19/6/1913 at her home in Woollahra, NSW, aged 61 Siblings: *Annie Heitman b.1871 NZ (Dentist, reg.1902) – WW1: VAD Nurse, BRC: 3rd Southern Gen Hosp – d.14/3/1943 NSW; Henry b.1872 NZ – d.1873 (11m); John Henry Heitman b.1876 NZ – d.1928 NSW; William Heitman b.1878 NZ (AMP Soc) – d.1969; [all took on the surname of Williams] Half siblings include: Elizabeth (Tot) b.1882 Paddington, NSW – marr A.E. VESPER 1909 – d.1948 NSW, age 66; *Charles Robert b.1887 Paddington (Bondi), NSW (Dental Mechanic, apprenticed to his sister Annie) – WW1: Spr 5653, 2nd Tun Coy – d.5/11/1955; Paulina Augusta b.1884 Paddington Educated in Sydney Emma trained in nursing at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney from 1897 to 1901 Matron of Maitland District Hospital, NSW for 7 years from 1/4/1901 to 1908 Matron of a Private Hospital 1908 to 1911 Matron of Junior House King’s School, Parramatta for 4 years from 1911 to 1915 Together with her sister Annie, she sailed to England via America in 1916. Taking separate ships in May, a week or two apart for the first leg, they then boarded the Carpathia in New York, and arrived at Liverpool in July 1916 (Emma giving her age as 41, Trained Nurse, and Annie as 42, Dentist) WW1 Service: Emma applied to join the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve (QAIMNSR) on the 16/8/1916, and following her acceptance was posted to Kenniel Park Military Hospital, North Wales on the 30/8/1916 Nearest Relative recorded on her service record: Miss A.H. Williams, 15 Bathurst Rd, Ilford and 3rd Southern General Hospital, Oxford She underwent a Medical Board at Millbank on the 2/10/1916 and sick leave was granted to the 23/10/1916 Resigned on completion of her contract 31/8/1917 Rejoined in Oct 1917, and posted to Lord Derby War Hospital, Warrington on the 1/11/1917 Matron’s Report, Lord Derby War Hospital, 8/1/1919: “Sister E.H. Williams has served in this Hospital since November 1st 1917, and has been personally known to me since April 1918. She has acted as Night Super, and has had charge of a very large Surgical Ward, which she has managed to the satisfaction of the Surgeons. She takes great interest in her men and has plenty of zeal and energy. I believe she has previously held Matron’ posts abroad, and she came over from Australia at her own expense to join.” Resignation accepted and appointment terminated on the 1/5/1919 Returned to Australia on the Osterley, embarking 21/5/1919 – disembarked Sydney 8/7/1919 (2nd MD) On her return home she served in Military Hospitals in NSW Resident of 6 Upper Mount St, North Sydney July 1920 Coff’s Harbor Hospital 1920 Mudgee Hospital Dec 1920 Bodington Convalescent Home, Wentworth Falls, 18/8/1921 to 30/6/1922 Matron – Casino Memorial Hospital 1927 to 1934 (at which time she retired) Registerd Nurse 2/2/1928 – resident at 87 Mill Hill Rd, Waverley, NSW – same address 1937 Her sister Annie and brother Charles were also at this address Emma died on the 28th of September 1937 in Sydney She is buried in the Waverley Cemetery The Maitland Daily Mercury (NSW), Wed 15 Jan 1902 (p.2): Maitland Hospital ………………………………………………………………. ………………Her place has been filled by Miss E.H. Williams, a lady of high professionsl attainments, from the Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, and whose management of the Hospital has given satisfaction. The Maitland Daily Mercury (NSW), Thur 21 Jan 1909 (p.2): THE MAITLAND HOSPITAL ANNUAL MEETING …………………………………………………………………….. It was with feelings of regret that in last July we learned of the resignation of our late matron, Miss E.H. Williams. She had been working with us for nearly seven years, and she always carried out her duties conscientiously and efficiently. ……………………………………………… The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW), Mon 15 May 1916 (p.3): FOR WOMEN, IN THE THRONG Miss Williams, of Woollahra, left by the Makura for England, where she purposes offering her services to the war authorities. Matron Williams, her sister, left by the Niagara, a week or two earlier, with the intention of giving her services in the military nursing field. The Sun (Sydney, NSW), Fri 19 Jan 1917 (p.8): SOCIAL CHAT Miss A. Williams, formerly of Woollahra, has had her services accepted by the Imperial military authorities. She has been appointed to No.3 General Southern Hospital, Oxford, and has taken up her duties. Her sister, Matron Williams, is at present waiting further orders. She has been in charge of the ophthalmic ward in one of the military hospitals in Wales. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW), Sat 21 Feb 1920 (p.9): NEAR AND FAR The Misses Williams, of Woollahra, who have recently returned from active service, were tendered a welcome home by their many friends. MissA.H. Williams was stationed at Oxford, and Miss E.H. Williams served at various military hospitals. Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW), Thur 23 Dec 1920 (p.6): Mudgee Hospital APPOINTMENT OF MATRON MISS H. WILLIAMS SELECTED [sic] …………………………………………………………………. The new matron, who is very highly credentialed, is a nurse of extensive and varied experience and of proved ability. She has also had considerable experience as a matron. Miss Williams, who is at present matron of the Coff’s Harbor Hospital, was for seven and a half years matron of the Maitland District Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the State outside the metropolitan area. She was also for four years matron of the Junior House King’s School, Parramatta. She volunteered for military service early in the war, and served with recorded acceptance in military hospitals in France and England. Since her return to Australia, and up to the time of her appointment to the Coff’s Harbor Hospital, Miss Williams was nursing at military hospitals in this State. Northern Star (Lismorne, NSW), Wed 18 Oct 1922 (p.3): RED CROSS SOCIETY REPORT FOR 1921-22 CONVALESCENT HOMES “Bodington,” Wentworth Falls – ……………………From 2nd April to 18th July, 1921, Miss L. Brown was matron, and Miss E.H. Williams filled that position from 18th August to 30th June. …………… The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW), Thur 30 Sept 1937 (p.10): DEATHS WILLIAMS – September 28, 1937, Emma H. Williams of 87 Mill Hill Road, Waverley, loving sister of Annie, William, Tot, and Charles. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW), Sat 2 Oct 1937 (p.12): MATRON E.H. WILLIAMS CASINO, Friday Matron E.H. Williams, who was matron of the Casino Memorial Hospital between 1927 and 1934, died in Sydney. Deceased, who was a returned war nurse, had lived privately in Sydney since leaving Casino.