18805 - Military Personnel Files

This series covers the original personnel files, military history sheets, and microfilm strip copies of original personnel files for New Zealand Defence Force service personnel. The files in this series generally start from 1899 and the commencement of recruitment for the South African (Boer) War although a few of the files were created, and record military service, prior to that date. Most of the original personnel files were destroyed by Base Records (Defence) after being microfilmed in the 1960's and 1970's. Those original files which were retained mainly cover officers and senior non-commissioned officers and were not microfilmed. The type of information within the files (including the Military History Sheet) generally includes:

  • Personal information, such as enlistment details, next-of-kin, former employment data, marital status, age, place of birth and physical description.
  • Movements and transfers, unit postings, promotions, information on awards, major disciplinary issues, etc.
  • Correspondence between military and soldiers’ next-of-kin on matters of wounds, deaths, awards, and about the service member.

Contents Date Range: 1878 - current
Total items in series: 141,353 (relevant to Boer War & WW1)
Total items online (digitised): 136,898 (as at 15/7/2014, we expect to be at 100% by 4/8/2014)