A11803 - Governor Generals correspondence relating to the war of 1914-1918 ['War Files]

This series consists of despatches, letters, minutes, memoranda, circulars and telegrams (some marked 'Secret' or 'Confidential') and copies of the same relating to all aspects of the First World War and to the negotiations and settlements that followed it. Also included is some printed matter such as copies of reports, bulletins, regulations, Parliamentary papers, acts and bills, 'Black lists', and maps that were enclosures to correspondence.

The range of subjects dealt with is very wide but includes; censorship, press control and propaganda, naval and military training, allied, neutral and enemy shipping, prizes and Prize Courts, allied and enemy prisoners of war, restriction and internment of enemy aliens, transport and communications, war supplies, trading with the enemy, expropriation of enemy property, espionage, naval and military intelligence, conscription, military service, Courts Martial, honours, decorations and awards, treaties, war legislation, consular services, repatriation and demobilisation.

Contents Date Range: 1914-1919
Total items in series: 2949
Total items online (digitised): 224


Image caption: Soldiers - Temptations etc [concerned with numbers and treatment of venereal disease] [NAA: A11803, 1917/89/1026]