A11831 - Certified copies of treaties and related documents including Treaties of Peace, World War 1

These records include certified copies of Treaties, Proces verbal (minutes recording ratification of a treaty), Protocols, Declarations and/or Agreements relating to the peace process at the conclusion of the First World War.

The documents are official certified copies, issued to powers that are a party to each treaty. Australia was a signatory to the Treaties and conventions under the British Empire and therefore received certified copies.

The treaties are in French, English and Italian. The documents signed in Washington are in English and French. The related documents such as the proces verbal, protocols, declarations and agreements are only in French.

Contents Date Range: 1919-1928
Total items in series: 106
Total items online (digitised): 10


Image caption: Treaty of Peace with Germany signed by the Principal Allied and Associated Powers on the one part and Germany on the other part [NAA:  A11831, 6]