AP613/7 - Attestation declarations for the fifth South Australian Contingent, Imperial, Boer War.

This series contains the Attestation forms for the South Australia Fifth Contingent - Imperial for the Boer War. The fifth contingent was established under authorization of the South Australian Government, published in General order number 2 of 1901 on 10 January 1901. A military board was appointed to select members of the contingent with a local military board appointed to assist in the preliminary selection of men in the Mount Gambier Naracoorte and Millicent districts. The single page attestation form contains the following personal information of the volunteer: name, regimental number, age, place of birth, height, complexion, hair, eyes, trade, religion, rank, date of promotion and next of kin.

Date Range: 1901-1901
Number of items in series: 300
Amount digitised: All


Image caption: Randall, John regimental number 307 South Australia fifth contingent imperial - attestation of [NAA: AP613/7, RANDALL J]