B4747 - Army Militia service records, attestation documents (Form A7), alphabetical series

This series contains service records for members of the Commonwealth’s Militia or Citizen Military Forces. The date range of documents found in the series extends from 1900 up to circa 1946, although the great majority of records concern enlistments in the decade 1929 to 1939 in all states.

Only records for service personnel with a date of birth of 1904 or earlier, or where the date of birth is unknown have been included in this website.

Contents Date Range: 1901-1940
Total items in series: 67767
Total items online (digitised): 67759


Image caption: Bantow, William Joseph; Army Number - 318493; Date of birth - 14 November 1914 [NAA:  B4747, BANTOW/WILLIAM JOSEPH]