M5105 - Photographs, single number series

This series includes black and white photographs taken during World War 1 when Major Richard Victor Morse DSO undertook active service in Europe, first as a captain in the Mining Corps, then as Major commanding the Australian Electrical and Mechanical Mining and Boring Company.  The photographs include images of demolished bridges and towns, various military teams such as the Boring Section at Villers Pluich, soldiers in different poses, cathedrals, the Red Cross, dugouts, engine rooms, underground pumping stations, graves and dams.

Contents Date Range: 1916-1925
Total items in series: 63
Total items online (digitised): 46


Image caption: Records of Major Richard Victor Morse DSO (Distinguished Service Order) - World War I - Photograph of soldiers and women on top of the ruins of a church [NAA: M5105, 10/44]