MT1487/1 - Service records and correspondence concerning Australians serving with other Imperial forces, World War 1.

This series generally relates to individuals serving in forces other than the Australian Military Forces.  The subjects are most commonly members of non-Australian, Imperial military units – including the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, the Canadian armed forces, the Royal Air Force, and a variety of British regiments, corps, and auxiliary organisations. There are also some civilian war workers and serviceman’s spouses covered.  The majority are Australian by birth, or resided in Australia [some are Imperial Army Reservists living in Australia]. The documentation frequently consists of notices and correspondence to and from Base Records, A.I.F., concerning such matters as casualties, the forwarding of personal effects, embarkation, repatriation, and notifications to next of kin in Australia.

Contents Date Range: 1914-1918
Total items in series: 8023
Total items online (digitised): 8014


Image caption: CASTLE T E - South African Labour Corps - dangerously ill - died of cerebral malaria 8 January 1918 [NAA: MT1487/1, CASTLE T E]